#VDBingo Episode 2.05

Um… holy crap! What the… I can’t… Just, damn. Give me the night to organize my thoughts. We’ll get our reactions tomorrow morning. First thing’s first… we had a lot of almost squares tonight, but unfortunately, as the VDBingo Guide states… you can’t mark it til you see it.

I actually think this ep. had the least amount of squares all season. Here’s the list of official squares: (5 total)

  • Uncle Mason is a Douchenozzle blackbelt! (What? Nooooo /sarcasm)
  • Someone just died.
  • Stefan, are you sure you’re not sneakin’ the HB? (I guess not at anymore. But at the time we marked this square, we didn’t know for sure ;)).
  • Free Space

And that’s it. Were you lucky enough to get all 5 squares to fall in a line?!

You know the drill. If you got yourself a bingo, send us an e-mail (the address is in the right column) with your card number. Be sure to include #VDBingo and Ep 2.05 in your subject line.

And like we posted this afternoon, tonight was the last night of the first quarter of eps. You know what that means? It’s time for SBH #VDBingo prize drawing!! We’ll dust off the ol’ RNPM (random number picker machine) next week. YOU could be the winner!!

Questions, comments? The space below is yours!

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2 Responses to #VDBingo Episode 2.05

  1. mak75231 says:

    The RNPM (I got it right that time!) looked like it needed an overhaul. Maybe RNPM 2.0! lol

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