Reactions: Episode 2.04 “Memory Lane”

And, holy crap, another great episode. We learned a lot this week (sort of). Kathi manipulates Caroline again, Damon tries to out UM — and stabs him!, Stefan gets all scary with his vervain torture (and we TOTES love it!), and we didn’t have to look at Bonnie at all! STELLAR. We are so hitting you with more details in the full recap, but first, here’s the SBH’s morning after table discussion.

Main Players: Cin and Christina

The Lockwoods & Their Long History of Douchery
Cin: I’d like to start by saying a big THANK YOU to TVD gods for an entire episode without Bonnie or Jermy. It was almost like Christmas, only with Magically Delicious zingers & vervain & mystical paperweights.
Christina: For the actual plot, God, I don’t even know where to start. How about with the Lockwoods, to get it over with. It seems they were just as big douches back in 1864 as they are in present day. George, was that his name? So opinionated, so easily manipulated.
Cin: Georgie sure was a easy tool. But I’m compelled by what I’ve read in interviews this week. These are KATHI’s memories/stories. It doesn’t make it the gospel. The girl is bad news. And also, she doesn’t seem interested in the Lockwood were’ness at all. I mean, you would think she would care a little considering they are a threat to vampires & more directly Stefan – her reason for living – who is, in fact a vampire.
Christina: Seriously, first person accounts can def be unreliable sometimes. I don’t trust them. Especially  not hers, which I’ll get to in a minute.
Cin: Besides Flashback Lockwoods, it was an hour of TOO much UM douchery to be sure. I thought I might kinda like the guy a smidge in the scenes with Damon at the completely indoors BBQ — Hold up. Why is it called a “BBQ”? Because you can’t have a dinner party in the middle of the day? Because adults don’t just come & hang out & drink shots for no reason? Does there have to be charcoal (allegedly) involved? I mean, who does Jenna think she’s foolin’? Just call the dude up & say “Hey, the ‘rents are out of town, BYOB your ass over to my place!” — Anyway… but then he had to go and ruin it with bad manners, looking stupid & threatening my Damon. Bad dog indeed.
Christina: Uncle Mason might as well be Uncle Douchenozzle. He annoys me more and more every week. There was no need to be such a jerk to Tyler when all he wanted were some answers. I mean, TOTES a legitimate request. And the huge secret that he’s been hiding from him? He’s killed a man. YAWN.
Cin: ROFL! Seriously! I sometimes start to feel a little bad for Tyler but then I remember that he’s a tool & a jerk. So I get over it. Plus, why can’t these Lockwoods have a conversation without yelling? Oh, yeah, the ‘rage’. Whateva.
Christina: Oh, and you do NOT threaten Damon. He held his own this week, and wasn’t in as desperate need of my Woobie services, but still…
Cin: Threatening Damon is the final straw. It was bad enough that when UM smiles he looks like a demented chipmunk or that he is a total pig with pie (which, I’ll admit was SO worth it just for Alaric/Damon bromancy glances. I could watch those two eye converse ALL. DAY. LONG!).
Christina: The pie thing was disgusting. Did he think that was charming? I mean… is this the kind of guy Jenna went for in high school (I know, she was dating Logan Fell, a.k.a. The Cheesy Chicken Flatbread guy, but if not? Oh, Jenna, you just got knocked down a peg in my book — not to mention your self-proclaimed role model status. *sigh*). But yes, The Damon/Alaric Bromance was worth my uncomfortable “USE THE GD KNIFE!” screaming at the TV. The two of them together are magnificent.
Cin: I mean, it speaks a lot to the strength of a bromance when they don’t even share a dozen words but the eyeball conversation is the most compelling thing in the room. Matt Davis might have the least lines in the episode, but that eyeball acting cannot go ignored. Meow! Don’t even get me started on fucking Jenna though. I don’t know why people like them together. She’s a child! Honestly I think fans just want to see Alaric naked. Hey, I can get behind that, but come on. Who REALLY likes Jenna?
Christina: I’m sorry, did you ask a question? All I heard was “Alaric naked.”
Cin: I think I made my point.

A Triangle of Love, Lies and Deceit!
Christina: Okay, now for the interesting part. KATHERINE! HOLY SCHNIKES! So I’m pretty sure she caused that dream. But… how? I have a feeling Katherine is something more than we originally thought she was.
Cin: She totes caused the dream. She even gave him a poke about the non-human blood & being unable to block out mind control. But I definitely think you’re right. Girl has kept herself busy becoming some uber vampy-witch hybrid thingy. I kinda wish Damon would get off his streak of nice & pick up a few of these tricks too. Actually, he HAS used the dream thing on Elena back at the very beginning of S1 – pre-vervain necklace.
Christina: It’s the human blood. It totes makes them stronger. YOU HEAR THIS, STEFAN! Get back on the stuff, Pronto. Though, if the SFNW are any indication… Christina=happy.
Cin: I have also been waiting for this day to come. Stefan, do it for us. You NEED to be strong. It’s a matter of survival after all! *bats eyelashes*
And another thing: Kathi is soooooo lying about not sleeping with Damon after the original Founder’s Day ball. I’m sorry, but she’s cray cray. Damon might lie about a good many things to get a reaction out of people but what he hit & when? Nope. Why would he even bring the whole “after the ball” thing up last season if it really happened the way SHE says it did? He wouldn’t. He hit that shit enough to use any number of other sexcapades to make Stefan squirm. Duh.
Christina: I’m a little nervous about believing that Katherine ACTUALLY loves Stefan. I mean, I don’t know if I believe that Katherine is totally evil. She’s got to have some sort of vulnerability, right? She’s old, but I don’t think she’s so old that her humanity switch is PERMANENTLY in the off position. But… I don’t trust her. Even after we see that last flashback where she goes back to say goodbye to Stefan’s lifeless body. There seemed to be so much pure affection, but… I don’t know…
Cin: I think she has told herself in coming back to Mystic Falls now that she loves Stefan – but no way has he been her reason for existing. Cause HELLO, 145 years! He’s not very hard to find. She’s a bucket of lies though & I definitely think there is NO humanity switch on her at all. I think that is the scariest thing about her – even when she seems sincere, it’s really just part of her plan. And the fact that she would tell Stefan, of all vamps, about betraying her ‘family’ of vamps in 1964… well, that just proves she doesn’t know Stefan at all. Not a way to a do-gooders heart – like ever. Stefan COULD have still had feelings for her deep down, but knowing that. No way. She doesn’t stand a chance with him.
Christina: Def not. But I don’t know if she has NO humanity switch. She’s crazy. That much is clear. So many her switch just doesn’t work the same way Stefan or Damon’s does. This is actually very frightening…

Caroline, you silly, easily manipulated baby vamp…
Cin: I wouldn’t say I’m disappointed in Caroline, because she is terrified of pretty much everything in this new life – but I just don’t want her to be Kathi’s puppet. That said, she didn’t really act totally out of her human character in anything she said or did in trying to occupy Elena. She didn’t hurt her. She didn’t lie to her outright. She was just being Caroline on crack. LOL So I’m not totally mad at her. She’s scared & lost & I get that.
Christina: Exactly. In life she was easily manipulated, and I guess that’s one of her qualities that’s amplified too, haha. I mean, I understand that Kathi is a scary, scary vamp. I’m not saying that I would have acted any differently than Caroline did. I’m more just worried about her than disappointed in her. She’s been so awesome up until now. Then again, I don’t know if breaking the valve on the tire was something Human Caroline would have done. So for that, she gets awesome points, haha.
Cin: The brothers need to bring her closer instead of letting her drift in the wind. Caroline can be a huge asset to them – I just hope she has the chance to prove it. I’m VERY excited/scared for next week because if something happens to Caroline I might just lose my shit.
Christina: Totally agree. I think she has the potential to be a great asset to them, but right now, being the plaything for Katherine, I’m just scared for her.

Kathi: Demystified!! Or… maybe not?
Christina: Oh, and WTF is this “that’s just the way Katherine is” or whatever that Stefan was spouting? I know it’s all a ploy, but for someone who takes a while to catch on sometimes (i.e., me), I thought he was totes being serious at first. Then again, Elena’s heart wasn’t really in it, which seemed odd, though I suppose it was enough for Caroline to buy it. But the interesting thing here is, if Stefan is playing this game with Kathi, what is it going to ACTUALLY do to his relationship with Elena? I mean… Elena was halfway civil to Damon during the phantom BBQ. Could her hate be waning?
Cin: Stef definitely knew. I think that entire conversation was planned & rehearsed between he & Elena to try to see if Caroline was a rat OR if Kathi was maybe eavesdropping too (which she was outside the Mystic Grill, she might have been). And true, Elena wasn’t as mean to Damon as she has been. She’s on probation. Still, even if the whole mock-breakup wasn’t an act, valid points were made all around. I think Stefan & Elena are fine though, well as fine as a vampire & his human girlfriend with daily threats against their lives & such can be. Relationship-wise – rock solid.
Christina: We better get more insight into what Katherine said — that Stefan came to MF to fall in love with her again. I always knew there was some sort of reason Stefan continues to return. He’s a vampire FFS; he can travel the world. Why does he keep coming back to a small, rural VA town? TO FALL IN LOVE WITH KATHERINE? That sounds off, but maybe that’s part of what Kathi meant when she told Elena that she was asking the wrong question.
Cin: This whole thing just has me confuzzled. I don’t think it had to do with falling in love with Kathi all over again exactly, but seeing that Elena WAS her dopplegänger more than intrigued him. I’m just interested in seeing how this all plays out.
Christina: Elena asked why they were doppelgängers, and Kathi told her she was asking the wrong question. Is the right question how are they doppelgängers? Ooh… do you think Katherine could be a vampire AND a witch?
Cin: I’ve been saying I thought she was a vamp/witch since before the season started. She has definitely been working on her skills. The whole “wrong question” thing really throws me for a loop though. What in the world can the right question be? This is like Smoke Monster type of fuckery if you ask me. Also, the scene at the end with her flashing back to her escape & giving Georgie Lockwood the stone – the whole Stefan kiss thing? She didn’t even bother to STEP ON MY DAMON! I fucking hate that whore.
Christina: The more I think about this, the wilder my thoughts become. Is Elena some sort of clone? Is she even REALLY Isobel and John’s daughter? Or maybe Kathi is just fucking with all of us and was just trying to be cryptic.
Cin: I have no f-ing idea. And honestly, it’s like stuff on Lost – I don’t even want to try to figure it out because it makes my head hurt. Honestly, I just kinda want to see what Williamson/Plec have up their sleeves on this one. Also, ELENA IS THE DOPPLEGÄNGER. :-p
Christina: Or is she? Hahaha

Straight-up Bananas
Cin: Here is another thing I don’t get. I kinda see where in 1864, while ALWAYS superior looking, Damon was a bit of a putz. It’s OK; it happens to the best of vamps (Hello, William the Bloody, how was your humanity?). But now? Why does Kathi not see that it would have taken VERY little effort on her part to swing Damon to her side & not only is he the better vamp – but would make a terrific partner for whatever it is she has cooking. That’s a huge reason why I can’t understand what the fuck she has going on. If she were smart & not just crazy she would have thought whatever plan this is through. Honestly, that alone kinda makes me think that SHE at least thinks she’s only back for Stefan. Jeez, I think that paragraph even confused me.
Christina: She’s totes batshit. I don’t think Kathi’s totally aware of anything that exists outside of herself. She doesn’t care for Damon, and therefore, she doesn’t see Damon as anything useful to her, even when he so would be. This UNawareness grouped with her strength, power, and potential permanent inhumanity is a VERY dangerous combination for Mystic Falls.
Cin: Exactly. Wow. I feel like we had a Kathi revelation. LOL
Christina: And I feel like my brain is spinning. Well played, writers. Well played 😀

So, what do YOU think? Is Kathi big trouble in little MF? What’s going to happen to Stefan and Elena? Will Alaric ever take his shirt off?? Comment below!

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12 Responses to Reactions: Episode 2.04 “Memory Lane”

  1. Kat says:

    I think that you totes stole my thoughts right outta my head! 😉

  2. DJ says:

    Ok, i’m a total TVD addict, but I have some serious issues with this episode. I get that you need to create some less than probable situations, but please.
    1. first of all, as you pointed out, what was up with that barbecue??? Did they eat anything besides chips from a bag, tequila and Damon’s peach cobbler? Also, really Jenna, you bust out your mom’s good silverware for a BBQ? With a dude who starts the afternoon off with drinking games and serves himself with his bare hands? Gotta stay classy, I guess. Also the whole premise of that bbq, I mean really, what was up with that? Wouldn’t Jenna think it’s weird that Ric wants to „meet her old High School friends“ and the only person invited is Mason Lockwood? I’d wonder if my bf wanted to get a whole new way of kinky… Also Damon showing up? I get why him and Alaric find it a good idea, but from Jenna’s point of view, what’s he doing there? Not only that no one present supposedly likes him, he was not even invited (i don’t know, as a plus one of his brother’s or something) but just randomly invites himself. WHY???
    2. Tyler and that moonstone. Is he like carrying it around with him wherever he goes now? Every time we saw Tyler in this episode, he was looking at that stone. I get that it’s important to the story, but seriously. He is like occupied with it 24/7. I get that you’re an ass, but do you really not have ANY friends to spend at least some time with? Jeez, even self-professed loner Jeremy was for some reason too busy to attend the bbq at his own house.
    3. Katherine is totally lying, or else her whole story doesn’t make any sense. The way she told it, she never cared about Damon at all and he was a big bore and annoyingly persued her. But really, if she can compell him to go to bed, she can compell him to leave her alone period. Also, apparently this discovery of her love for Stefan all happened before the boys ever found out about her being a vampire. So if she loved Stefan and wanted only him, why in the hell would she have Damon drink her blood and teach him how to hunt? Nuh-uh, she was totally up to something that involved them both and she was totally lying about everything to Stefan just now. That biatch!
    4. Speaking of Damon being maltreated, again he was snubbed by someone close to him. Apparently that George Dude was his „really close friend“? And he was all like: „Well, somebody had to bravely defend the south, since you coward ran away!“. What a douche. And Damon had to take it all, smiling like an idiot. I want them all to drop dead. No wonder he is a complete psycho. Everyone’s being horrible to him.

    what the hell was up this episode???

    • Hahaha I totally felt your outrage reading that! 🙂

      1. Jenna is slow. She just doesn’t realize things. Also, a role model. REALLY??? Enough. Let’s get Alaric naked!
      2. Haha Tyler doesn’t have any friends. Yeah, I think maybe we’re supposed to get that’s he’s deep, and really thinking about it, and it’s bothering him, and blah blah blah. Tyler is about a deep as a puddle.
      3. I can’t figure out if she’s lying or if she’s just delusional. Either way… I can’t wait to see how this plays out…
      4. I know! WOOBIE! I just wanna clutch him to me and never let go. I don’t really get what everyone’s deal is. In the “real” flashbacks last season, he seemed like a nice enough guy. And in the flashback we get at the beginning of this season, we see Giuseppe hatin’ on him, and I legit feel bad. But this week we got Kathi’s memories, and we all know she’s a few coconuts short of a palm tree, so I don’t think he was really that huge an ass. Who knows? Maybe that stuff about George isn’t even true. Based in truth maybe, but completely true? Only time and more plot development will tell 😉

      So, yeah, I totes agree it was aggravating, but so much was laid out there for us. The only problem is that we were given information to make us skeptical, but nothing to allow us to figure anything out.

      Also, we need more naked Salvatores/Saltzmans. 😉

  3. Colleen says:

    I stopped reading after “Alaric naked”

  4. Cat says:

    No Bonnie = Stellar episode

    Maybe I’m missing something here -but wouldn’t Stefan coming back to MF and being all obsessed with Elena give SOME KIND OF CLUE about his feelings for Katherine? I don’t for a second believe he was all “Hm, interesting that she’s Katherine’s doppleganger, but whatever” (I will never shorten Katherine to Kathi fyi) It’s seems pretty obvious to me anyway. Then he gets all whimpery “You compelled my love, it wasn’t real” which translates from emo to “I loved you and you fucked with it and it made me feel bad”. All the signs that Stefan loved her then and still loves her now, at least somewhere in that big melty vampire heart, are there. I personally hope Katherine remains in MF forever and ever and ever. She makes all the boring people (hello StefYawn) more interesting.

    That moonstone has to control the curse somehow – like daddy Lockwood also had some blood on his hands but because he had the stone he didn’t turn which is why Mason wants it so badly.

    • I totes agree. This is why I’m nervous about what’s going to happen to Stefan & Elena. There still is something there for Stefan, unless he is just a really good actor and was only pretending that he wasn’t all emo “she’s going to kiss me, but oh! Oh! it pains me!” when they almost kissed before he vervained her. There’s something there. But how strong?…

      Also, yes, completely agree with you about the moonstone. Like, my thoughts, exactly, haha

      • Cat says:

        Lots of “thin line between love and hate” kinds of comments. The truth is, love or not, Stefan is still pissed that Katherine “betrayed” him or compelled him or whatever. And to still be pissed after 145 years means you care just as much about Katherine as Damon does.

  5. rehabber says:

    I’m sorry, but if you want good comments you have to stop with the Alaric naked. lol And remember Damon also got in Stefan’s dream, so animal blood makes it easy to make up dreams. No Bonnie…PRICELESS. I think Kat is the only one strong enough to take her down and I would love to see that…….SOON. I loved the ep and when it was over I kind of felt like I had been used as a punching bag, so much good info going back and forth.

  6. mak75231 says:

    The Morning After Post

    I’m back and I’m a BAMF today–had the week from 7734 so I’m takin it out on my post! I planned on this being short–but that was 2 hours ago lol!! First of all, I’ve read a few reviews of this episode (haven’t we all) and I wanna know why so much bashing? Seems a lot of folks out there weren’t as “up” for this ep as they have been. Give em time! They gotta work their fuckery on the story! May I also add that we also didn’t have to put up with Mayor Post-Menopause Mom Douchenozzle, Sheriff Mom or Vanessa the Nympho this week, either? There’ll be plenty of killin and sex soon enuf!

    The Lockwoods & Their Long yadayadayada [noses]

    I think all of the male Lockwoods over the ageless had Douchenozzle as their middle name: George Douchenozzle Lockwood, Richard Douchenozzle Lockwood, Mason Douchenozzle Lockwood, Esquare (he deserves that and I did NOT misspell it), Tyler Douchenozzle Lockwood–u get my drift. George was such a prick at the original FB telling MD “Someone had to defend the South!” Too bad MD was playin nice then–do I hear “champagne enema” anyone? And with Kat as his dealer (well, he DID want to get stoned!)–she had him by the short ones! Of course, u get the general impression the entire male population of MF was not thinking with the heads on their shoulders when it came to her. It was like Miss Scarlett at Tara! She had her evil little minion Henry (wow, Henry 1.0, as opposed to finally dead Henry 2.0) runnin around spying on the douche bags, and all that “my home, my family” crap–give her an Oscar for Conniving Bitch of the Century (and convincing vervain death rattles later in the ep).

    I’m SO glad Cin got compelled this week! What’s it feel like! Hahaha! But u 2 make a good point–we got all the hot flashes from Kat (well, she is older than dirt, and bound to have a touch of Alzheimer’s by now), and I’m sure she dishes the dirt so it falls on anybody but her!

    U mentioned the unBBQ in this segment–I gotta say, more adult drinkin and partying! Shot glasses, dirty shame, under the bleachers…..hmmm. MD and Rick DO seem to get the bromance mojo workin when they lubricate it with booze! Ouch, that was bad….

    Since it occurred during the unBBQ scenes, I decided the WOOBIE Word of the Week this week is “TIPSY”–coulda gone with “DICK” but it was too OBvious…..

    Here’s a thought–maybe Ty could make his first “official kill” UD (UM-Bad Dog, whatever)! Just because he’s a jerk whose lips move but nothing comes out (and extremely poor table manners)! Is he paper trained, ya think? MD got in a LOT of good canine chuckles–I just wished he’d grown a set when UD called him out after the flesh wound (well, remembered em, anyway)!

    WOOBIE! Come Back! We miss you! Get pissed!

    A Triangle of Love, Lies and Deceit!

    All I’m sayin on the dream sequence at this point is (and brings up something else u guys said about why didn’t Kat pick Damon–he’s better suited to her personality traits)–Damon ALSO got into Stefan’s mind in Season 1–remember the snarky comment about how it was too easy since he didn’t feed or some such s$!t). Damon has more “skills” than he’s been usin….just sayin. Don’t get him started! (please, please, please!) If they’re gonna give Kat witchy powers, they gotta bring back some of Damon’s more inhuman powers, 2. Equal Opportunity For Woobies!

    I cannot even address the NO TIME FOR THE SEX sequence……..she was an idiot…….first she leaves Stefan standing in the hall hiding behind his white gloves (ahem!)…then she actually compelled….I can’t even say it…..WHAT AN IDIOT!!! Who put Saltpeter in her champagne!? *power surge*(that’s a cougar hot-flash)

    Where was I? Who am I? Am I awake?
    Caroline, you silly, easily manipulated baby vamp…

    What happened to hangin with Stef? How did Kat get to her SO EASY? Oh, duh, hence the subtitle “easily manipulated” It seemed like she was trying to protect Elena AND not get on Kat’s bad side at the same time–that could be a tough path. And what part of Matty/Peeta breaking up with her did she not hear when she was telling Elena SHE broke up with HIM to protect him?

    Kathi: Demystified!!…Or maybe not?

    Kat loves herself. PERIOD. End of story. She wants what she wants–Stefan at this point. But not for him, for HER. There’s more to her LLLOOOOONNNNGGGGG past that we haven’t heard yet (did they lose the frickin book or what? I mean, wouldn’t u have been stayin up night and day till u read it cover to cover? Where the flip is it? Did Elena leave it on the table at the Mystic, or turn it back in to the school library, since no one goes to school anymore?! Who else BESIDES a Lockwood is a werewolf? Where is Bonnie’s dad? Who gives a flyin fig!?

    *carried away with emo*

    *deep breath*

    Okay, savin space on the server for the full–geezopete what a geek…….


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