Episode 203 “Bad Moon Rising”

Episode 203 “Bad Moon Rising”

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: Caroline is a vampire! And a pretty kickass vampire at that. The town throws an attendance-mandatory carnival where Jeremy threatens Damon (who threatens him right back and later they have a Salvatore/Gilbert bonding moment!), Bonnie sets Damon on fire and Caroline kills a carnie. Bonnie feels no remorse, but Caroline does, so Stefan – sweetest vampire ever! – cleans her up and tells her how to settle the bloodlust when it hits. In other news, Uncle Mason is a giant douchenozzle, but what else it new?

Looks like Alaric has stopped by the SBH for a little Salvatore Powwow (Huh. I must have been out running errands…).

I wonder if anyone else feels awkward that it’s not in Ric’s classroom. The brothers want to know if he knows the skinny on the Lockwoods.

He tells them that he doesn’t, but there might be something in Isobel’s research since she was ob-freakin-sessed with Mystic Falls. It was mostly folklore and legend, though.

Damon’s all smirky and “like that amazing vampire story!”

Stefan wants to know what else there is, and Alaric introduces a good 60% of the viewership to the word “lycanthrope.”

Elena, who apparently has already seen a number of bad horror films, defines it for everyone else.

“Wait, like werewolves?” Damon is all “INCONCEIVABLE!”

Stefan looks at him all “you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” Or maybe he just looked at him and says “Is it?”

Damon wants to know, if they do exist, where are they? He’s never seen one. At this point, the show very cleverly cuts to images of UM jogging through the woods

– and Tyler is tailing him.

It’s a lycanthrope training montage!

Ric wants to know why they would suspect the Lockwoods, and Damon explains that it’s because the vervain doesn’t affect them, but the Gilbert Device did. Stefan also sites UM’s “inhuman” behavior at the carnival. So they decide that they should go visit Isobel’s research at Duke. ROADTRIP! I call shotgun!

Meanwhile, Tyler follows UM to some underground lair thing

complete with claw marks on the wall.

He looks around, even takes pictures of the area with his hand dandy cell phone.

Oh, technology…

Back at the SBH, Damon informs everyone that he’s seen enough horror films to know that UM is Lon Chaney, and Tyler is Lon Chaney, Jr. This means that he’s Bela Lugosi, and where does that leave him?

“Totally screwed.”


Over at the Forbes’ residence, Matt is knocking on the door,

but Caroline can’t answer because she can’t go into direct sunlight.

Matt even calls her; he wanted to spend the day with her,

but she can’t/won’t answer. Aww, sad.

Over at la Casa de Gilbert, Elena is packing for their trip to Duke

(wait, how long are they going for?).

She’s confiding in whining to Stefan that she doesn’t want to go with Damon, but she does want to look at bio-Mom’s research. At least Alaric can be a buffer. (Um, yes please!) “We can bond in our anti-Damon solidarity,” she suggest hopefully… and sort of sadly, haha.

Stefan can’t go because he has to stay behind to look after baby vamp, Caroline. She’s still a danger and he wants to be able to raise her up right. Stefan wants Elena to go though (oh, how nice).

He’s not going to keep her from going just because Damon is going. Psst —  Edward/Jacob, this is how a real boyfriend should react. Just sayin’.

Downstairs, Jenna and Alaric are chatting about how it’s been a while since they’ve seen each other.

Ric begins to apologize for the whole start & stop game they’ve been playing, but Jenna stops him. She doesn’t want to play that game.

He has to do what he has to do, she says, referring to going down to Duke to dig up bones, as it were.

Outside, Damon, not very believeably, tells Stefan that he’s sorry he can’t come on the fieldtrip, but promises to take “really good care” of Elena. Hello, Snark. I’ve missed you. And then Elena shifty eyes at Damon before planting a helluva kiss on Stefan.

Wow, Elena, trying to make Damon jealous?

But I thought you didn’t care. Those eyes and the floorshow suggest someone protests too much, no? Motive or not, it totes DOES make Damon see green and he looks a little awkward before suggesting they get in the car.

Back at Lockwood Manor, Tyler is asking his mom about the underground rooms he found near the ruins of the old Lockwood mansion.

She hushes him and tells him they don’t talk about those rooms. Why not? “Well, this is the South, honey, but no one likes to reminisce about the old [whispers] slave days.”

Well, then. AWKWARD!

Also, effective lie! Maybe. I’ll bet you a big fat moonstone there is more to it though.

UM comes in and ruins the scene, natch.

Tyler covers up his question by saying he wanted to throw a party at the old swim hole.

Mama Lockwood says okay, but warms him to be careful – the family is liable for anything that happens.

Over at the Mystic Grill – hey! Remember that place?! – Stefan goes to Bonnie to have a daywalking ring made for Caroline.

Stefan tells her the spell must be in Emily’s grimoire, but Bonnie is hesitant.

Being the Queen of the Universe, Bitch Bonnie doesn’t want to make it easier for Caroline to kill again, but Stefan tells her he’s just trying to make it easier for her to survive the GOOD vampire way (keep telling yourself that, Stef).

If she’s cut off from her old way of life, she could lose her humanity. Bonnie doesn’t know if she can trust Caroline. WHORE! I don’t know if I can trust YOU with your mind bullets! Ugh. Stefan finally gets her to agree to make the ring.

On the road in Alaric’s car, Damon turns to Elena. “You know, this whole pretending to hate me thing is getting pretty silly.”

Alaric butts in and says that he doesn’t think Elena is pretending. “You did kill her brother,” he says.

Damon: There is a HUGE asterisk next to that statement. He came back to life.

Elena: You have the ring to thank for that.

Damon assures her that he DID see the ring and knew Jer wouldn’t stay dead. DUH.

The ring is big and tacky and hard to miss. Meanwhile, Alaric looks dejectedly down at his own ring.

Haha, aww, Alaric.

Speaking of tacky rings, Caroline is getting one,

and Bonnie is being a huge cuntbasket about it.

She makes Caroline well aware that she who puts on the spell can take it off. She makes Car promise that she can’t kill anymore. If she kills, Bonnie will take off the spell.

Bonnie is now ruler of your afterlife, Caroline. Enjoy.

Bonnie doesn’t even care that Caroline didn’t mean to kill Carter the Carnie.

After like a second of spooky silence,

Bitch Bonnie declares the ring spelled and WHIPS OPEN the curtains,

bathing Caroline is sunshine!

DAMN! But Caroline is safe. The spell worked. Car is a bit grouchy about it, but she has a point. “What if it hadn’t?!” Good point. Oh, Bonnie, I could just moi-duh-rize you!

Over at the anthro department, Vanessa, Isobel’s old assistant escorts our team inside and almost IMMEDIATELY goes for a crossbow

to kill Elena, whom she thinks is Katherine.

Without a hesitation, Damon zooms across the room and takes the arrow right in his back!

Elena looks horrified for a second, and Ric pins Vanessa to the wall.


Hee. Wait, what was this scene about again? Oh, right. After Elena pulls the arrow from Damon’s back, he vows “That bitch is dead!”

but Elena stops him. If he does it, she’ll never speak to him again

(like we haven’t heard THAT before). How would that work, exactly? Maybe “because I took an arrow in the back for you?” Damon asks.

Elena is all “right, I forgot I was speaking to a psychotic mind who snaps and kills people impulsively.”

Ice cold.

Damon calls her out on trying to manipulate him, which is curious, but we cut to Ric and Vanessa in the other room. Vanessa is hysterical – she thought it was Katherine, who is vicious, and she thought Damon was dead. She read all of Isobel’s research.

Well, then, Alaric asserts, she knows just how true it can all be, and she calms down immediately,

which is shifty, and I really don’t trust her at all.

Elena and Damon come in and Elena introduces them. She is Elena Gilbert, Isobel’s bio-daughter, and this is THE Damon Salvatore.

Yes, a vamp but he’s a fieldtripper so no killing. She tells a befuddled Vanessa that they want to know all about Mystic Falls.

Speaking of which, Stefan and Caroline are out in the woods getting a little hunting lesson.

Caroline is upset because she wants to go to the swim hole with all her friends, and Stefan laughs at her petulance.

It seems that all a person’s human qualities get amplified once they are vampires. “You’re saying I’m an insecure, neurotic, control-freak on crack?” Caroline asks.

Nail, head. Stefan promises to take her to all her little friends later, though, and she gets all happy. It’ll be good for her, being near Matt – he’s the closest link to her humanity.

Back at Duke, Vanessa is helping Elena weed through some material.

Elena gives her a little piece of vervain.

When she asks if it works, she learns from Elena that yes, it does. Also Damon has super hearing,

Damon: I can hear you, bitches.

but cannot read minds, as proven when he guesses they are thinking about him being naked. The girls look slightly embarrassed and the audience gives a collective “YES, PLEASE!” According to Elena, Damon is also capable of being a “first rate jackass.”

Hmm… all this teasing… hmm…

Back at the swim hole

– hold on. Am I REALLY supposed to believe that Tyler would want to swim at a swim hole? I mean, obvs it’s a cover for exploring the chain lair, but isn’t Mama Lockwood afraid this would be uncouth or something? Whatever – Matt and Tyler are discussing Caroline.

She’s confusing.

Thank you, Matt. Oh, but wait. Here comes UM in his crappy SUV.

He’s there to remind Tyler to get all his little friends away from the area by nightfall. Why? “because I’m a giant douche,” he replies. Or, rather, is all blah blah blah, something about the family being liable. Since when do adults in this town give a rat’s ass about teenagers’ wellbeing? As if! As he rolls away, she spies Stefan and Caroline.

He gives Stefan a weird nod and drives away.

Caroline: Why are you looking at him with your serious vampire look?

Stefan wants to know what she’s talking about, and she explains all the looks that he has. There’s his serious vampire look and his worried vampire look, “neither of which stray too far from you ‘hey, it’s Tuesday!’ look.” Oh, Caroline. I love you.

When they join civilization, Car finds Matty/Peeta,


Car shoos her away, compelling her to go stalk someone single,

and Matt kind of yells at her for this.

He does not like her being hot and cold on him like that. So, logically, he storms off on her.

Back at Duke, Damon teases-slash-tries to manipulate Elena by telling her that it’s a shame they’re no longer friends because he could tell her what she wants to know about Katherine,

but Elena isn’t taking the bait.

Vanessa then tells them of the werewolf curse in Virginia.

Just in case we hadn’t gotten the clue from the first one of these,

this speech is intercut

with scenes of UM going into the dungeon and chaining himself to the walls.

Apparently werewolves and vampires have been enemies forever.

Damon may not know about them because there aren’t many left – thanks to vampires. According to legend, werewolf bites are fatal to vampires!


Back at the swim hole, under a FULL MOON,

Caroline is sulking because she thinks Matt is mad at her, so she goes to find him, leaving Stefan alone to take the call from Elena.

She relays to him everything that Vanessa just told them about the werewolf legend.

Over in another part of the woods, Matty/Peeta tells Caroline he thought they were past all the juvenile jealousy stuff.

He doesn’t want the drama.

She apologizes

and they get all kissy kissy.

Back with Stefan, Elena is explaining about the werewolf bites, and how he needs to be careful. They hang up and he goes on a desperate search for Caroline.

In the lair, UM is all chained up.


Tyler is bringing Amy (the girl who was hitting on Matt) into the lair, so UM has to escape. He runs to his truck and climbs inside.

Over at DOPPELGÄNGER Central, Elena asks Vanessa if she’s ever done any research on doppelgängers.

You see, doppelgänger means a living, breathing double of a person. Vanessa also explains that doppelgängers usually torment the people they look like. Elena wants to know why she and Katherine are doppelgängers. Vanessa doesn’t know. Doppelgänger, Doppelgängers. Doppelgängers!

Damon makes a sarcastic remark,

and Elena’s like “friends don’t let friends do drugs manipulate friends. They help each other.” Take note of this, people.

Back at the underground lair thing, Tyler and Amy are all makey-outey, but she stops the action and announces that she’s more into Matt.

“Ouch.” Ha! She leaves.

Back outside, Stefan hears growling,

and like a horror flick virgin, walks toward it instead of away.

He finds UM’s car and sees the chains nearby.

He then makes the stupid mistake of looking in the window,

when CRASH!

The wolf bursts through the window and runs off into the woods.

Der der DER!

Over in NC, Rid swears Vanessa to secrecy.

She’s all suggestive and tells him that if he needs anything, he should call, but Ric’s all “you don’t want to get mixed up with a guy like me. I’m a loner, Dottie. A rebel.”

Vanessa asks if the research was the cause of Isobel’s disappearance. Ric explains that her research made her want to be a vampire, and she ultimately got her wish. But he’s glad he came because the closure is nice. She still wants to make out with him, but now he’s not even thinking about her.

Over at the car, Damon tells Elena she won’t be able to hate him forever, but she’s not interested. He tells her that she also didn’t dig deep enough,

and produces a huge book with the name Petrova printed on the side.

He once saw this name on one of Kathi’s old heirlooms. Her real name was Katerina Petrova.

She takes the book, and he tells her that she has every right to hate him – but she hated him before, and they became friends.

Damon: It would suck if that was gone forever. Is it? Have I lost you forever?

Oh, Woobs. Elena just ignores him but thanks him for the book.

Over in the woods, it looks like they’ve found the spot – FOR THE SEX!

Matty and Caroline smackey-mouth time! It gets heated, and Matt accidentally cuts his wrist on the tree.

Car gets the bloodlust

and can’t help herself – she FEEDS ON HIM!


Stefan to the rescue! He gets her to stop,

but as the wolf approaches, he tells her they have to run to lead the wolf away from Matt.

In a clearing, Tyler finds them and asks what’s going on. When the wolf comes in and jumps on Caroline, Tyler gets right in its snout and yells

“No!” at it.

The wolf snarls and runs away. Just like that. Tyler looks really taken aback,

which makes me think he really didn’t known what was going on. Interesting.

Back where they left Matt, Caroline is compelling him to believe that he had been attacked by an animal.

“It was weird; it just came out of nowhere,” he says.

Stefan tells Caroline he gave Matt some vervain so she won’t be able to feed from him again. Caroline just can’t believe she attacked him. She doesn’t want to be a danger to him (uh-oh. Just wait ‘til Bonnie finds out!).

Stefan says that if he’d followed his own advice, he and Elena wouldn’t be together.

Car asks if he thinks he should have left her. He doesn’t know if he should have, but he knows he can’t.

Aww, they are so the same – same dilemmas and hang-ups. I love them.

Back near UM’s SUV,

Tyler finds discarded clothing, and eventually a naked but dirty UM.

“It was you,” he says and UM only lamely nods.

Wow, what a revelation. We SO did not see that coming. *dramatic eye roll*

Back at the Mystic Grill, Matt is talking to Slutty Amy again.

Caroline sees them and makes a decision: she becomes JealousCaroline again.

Matt tells her to stop. Caroline protests that Amy is after him, and she can’t put up with that. Matt reminds her that he’s over the drama, so “forget it. Forget all of it.”

He’s breaking up with her. Dude, you went from being in love with her to breaking up with her over stupid teen drama. Ugh. Typical boy. Caroline doesn’t even look all that upset.

Uh-oh. Did she learn how to turn off the humanity switch?

Ric has come back to the Gilbert House and sneaks up on Jenna.

Before she can get a word in (thank god!), he lays the smooch on her. “I should have done that this morning.”

Aww. Dear Alaric, you can come do that to me any time you’d like. Just so you know. 😉

Out on the porch, Elena tells Damon that things aren’t back to normal just because of their little fieldtrip.

Damon: Oh, come on, you know I chipped a little off your wall of hatred.

Elena needs to know the truth (oh, god, this sort of sitch hasn’t turned out well for Damon in the past…).

When he broke Jeremy’s neck, did he really notice the ring? Damon admits that he didn’t. Kathi had really pissed him off, and he just sort of snapped.

He doesn’t know what he would have done if Jeremy wasn’t wearing it.

Damon apologizes, and Elena thanks him for being honest, but the answer to his question about their friendship?

Elena: It’s yes. You have lost me forever.

Damon looks like he needs a hug, but pulls that emotionless mask over his face again quickly.

“You knew that already, didn’t you? You used me today.” Elena agrees, but he had information about Katherine that she needed. Damon’s all “I thought friends don’t manipulate friends,” but Elena is silent.

Damon: You and Katherine have A LOT more in common than just your looks.

He storms off,

and Elena has the ovaries TO LOOK HURT! WOOBIE!!

Over at Caroline’s house, it’s morning, and Kathi is standing next to her bed!

“Don’t be frightened. We’re going to have so much fun together.”

Caroline, NOOOOOO!

I don’t know about you, but I am not looking forward (okay, I sort of am) to Kathi and Caroline’s coming antics. Also, Damon, please don’t do anything stupid. *sigh* So, what did you think about the episode? Questions, comments? See below!

(All screencaps courtesy of hotn-caps.com)

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9 Responses to Episode 203 “Bad Moon Rising”

  1. rehabber says:

    LOL, I just love reading your post. AHHH Damon, can you get any hotter! BTW have you read the last of the Hunger Game books, I just finished Mockingjay and loved it. Can’t we find a character for Ian?lol

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      Yes, both Christina & I are HUGE Hunger Games fans. We were thinking Finnick for Ian. I mean, who ELSE could play Finnick from TVD? Mockingjay kinda traumatized both of us though. There were tears, nightmares, anxiety attacks & hours upon hours of conversations.

      Yay! So glad you like the review, I couldn’t agree more – Damon is just too hot for words.

      • Ooh! Totally Finnick! I think we had talked about him for Cinna too, but I like him for Finnick more. 🙂 Didn’t we say Paul for Haymitch? Aaaahahahahaah.

        But yes, LOVE that series. Everything Cin said — tears, nightmares, tremors, haha. A month later we’re STILL talking about it (had a very long convo about it yesterday, in fact!).

        And yay! So glad you like the post. Yes, Ian=hot. I’m STILL hoping for some shirtless Alaric action, though. Just sayin’ 😉

      • Cin Salvatore says:

        It was Alaric/Matt Davis for Haymitch! Paul for Gale probably.

        And yep, we got in a big random Hunger Games Trilogy convo just yesterday. To be fair though it started because it’s Banned Book Week & Christina literally texted me a few pages into reading HG & was like “This book isn’t on the banned list yet?” — so it’s something of a private joke now how all of these other books are banned for ridiculous reasons & yet, one that traumatizes adults is somehow Okie Dokie for 12 yr olds. ((Not that either of us think ANY books should be banned, because we don’t – but to see how & why some books are villianized is just hysterical to us))

  2. rehabber says:

    Oh yes, shirtless Alaric, I could live with that.lol I love Ric and Damon together, lots of fun there. And I loved the real wolf in this ep and not the cheesy CG wolf from the Twilight series.
    Talking about books, have you read The Host. That is the one that Ian should play Ian and if they get anyone else I will be crushed. And I loved the real wolf in this ep and not the cheesy CG wolf from the Twilight series.

  3. mak75231 says:

    Wait for it-wait for it! Here goes!
    In order of appearance:
    Actually, Alaric shopped by the SBH so Damon could cut his hair with one of those sharp retorts! (ooh, that was bad) Apparently it was before Happy Hour at the Mystic Grill, so it was the only joint in town to get a decent drink and a shave at 9:00 am! Okay, if Damon’s never seen a werewolf, does he actually believe he’s seen EVERYTHING in 168 years? Cue the montage, which was brilliant, BTW! Does YOUR cell phone take good pics in near dark conditions? Ty needs to add me to his ‘Family and Friends’ plan.

    If Damon wants to know where his extreme flashback to B-horror flicks leaves him, it’s in an opera cape with a really gaudy necklace and some eye-enhancing up lighting!

    Wait a minute–lost my train of thought thinking about MD in a tux lurking over someone’s bed…..

    Matt at Caroline’s–“Who’s that knocking at my door? Who’s that knocking at my door?” Who’s that knocking at my door? It’s Bumfuggle Matt the Busboy. Open the door you stupid whore, said Bumfuggle Matt the Busboy!” (sorry about that–the song just came to mind)

    Why WAS Elena “packing” for a day fieldtrip, hmmm? Thinking of stopping off at a cheap motel somewhere? Please? I’m thinking of a particular scene in the books (sans Alaric)! Downstairs, what Jenna really wants to know from Ric is whether or not he’s ever gonna jump her bones, instead of dig up bones! What’s a gal have to do, strip? She is SO ready FOR THE SEX.

    I still say Elena was a total B at the car (thanks for the nod on the lady doth protest too much!). Why didn’t she just spit on him? And is Stef totes oblivious that Elena’s using him to make Damon jealous? He’s just standing there grinning like an idiot.

    Here’s my thought on the “swimming hole”–can you say “typhus””water moccasin””brown trout” in the same sentence? Does the Lockwood’s liability insurance cover those? Is “Werewolf attack” excluded as an “Act of God” clause?

    Why does Stefan trust Bad Bonnie AT ALL? He keeps goin to her for help. Again, oblivious! We need another witch on TVD that is vamp-friendly! Loved Caroline calling Bonnie on the lack of FX while spelling her ring (Beyonce needed her hair fan back).

    At Duke, why did Vanessa go from being a total outsider to knowing all the secrets by the end of the fieldtrip? It took Jer a whole season to get clued in! Maybe he wasn’t packin the right ammo!

    Vanessa the Nympho and Elena talking not so quietly about Damon was vaguely reminiscent of a similar scene between Elena and Jenna the night of the Family Dinner (“He’s so hot!””But he’s an ass.” Elena MUST have a thing for Damon’s ass!). VILF

    Is Aimee Bradley (what a p$%#k tease) gonna show up again? As a corpse? Whodunit? Maybe JealousCaroline? Maybe Tyler? Maybe Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory with a moonstone? BTW, was it in the pocket of Ty’s kilts?

    What was in the sports drink UM was makin himself? Looked like essence of whacky weed and Red Bull. Did anybody else notice they kept UM in such darkness (or mud) that you never did get to see what that damn tat looks like? And I think, just to be PC about it, there should be a werevixen, too!

    Why doesn’t Elena take the whole doppelganger thing to the nth degree? If Katherine was around first, that makes ELENA the doppelganger, and she should be tormenting the s*&t out of Katherine!

    The bigass Petrova book should actually be a diary. I know, I know, the peeps hated the “Dear Diary” dialog in season 1, but come on, it IS the name of the show! And Katerina needs to have been Bulgarian, so the writers can make use of Nina’s native language (hey, they do it for Skarsgard on True Blood!)

    Ty was like the Whadidido hero of the day when UMDog was about to off Caroline–Bad Dog! There’s no need to fear, Underdog is here!

    Word of advice to MD–if you can’t run with the big dogs, stay off the porch–literally! The porch is the proverbial Kiss of Death for Damon. Has he NOT figured out that it’s laden with “You’re gonna tell her the truth regardless of how you screw yourself over” vibes? Woobie Wails!

    We need MD to start doin things that feel good for absolutely no reason! He’s been on the plastic plasma diet too long!

    So who let Katherine into Caroline’s bedroom? Oh, who cares at this point!

    • Omg. LOLs all around! You are nuts! (in a you-fit-in-perfectly-here sort of way, of course, haha).

      Tyler’s “Friends and Family” plan — seriously! What the hell was even the point of that? Haha. Also “Is ‘werewolf attack’ excluded in an ‘Act of God’ clause?” I LOL’d. Excellent.

      You make a really good point about Stefan — he seems a pretty sharp guy to me. Maybe he wasn’t thinking with the head on his shoulders during that kiss, so all he could manage was the stupid-ass grin. I mean, it was TOTES obvious. There’s something up with Elena. I hope she cracks sooner rather than later 😉

      Yes, Damon needs to stay off porches. Also, if anyone says anything about telling him the truth, he needs to run. Oh, and if Katherina is Bulgarian, that would be a really neat touch. I’m interested to see how they go with her background. Now with this new development — i.e., Elena having this book (which I DO hope is a diary) — maybe we’ll get some of those flashbacks at somepoint. They could be interesting… Just SOME sort of clue about the doppelgängerness would be nice. Like even just a teeny tiny one. Please, writers?

  4. mak75231 says:

    Yes, I’m in favor of the Cougar hot flash…back sequences! I have them all the time! lol

  5. Colleen says:

    I love this recap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Princess Bride reference made me lol. I think Caroline purposely pulled the jealousy thing so Matt would dump her. I think she’s afraid she’s going to hurt him again, so better he dump her. Just my opinion. Finally ALARIC IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet Jeebus I love that man. L O V E! rawr

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