Reactions: Episode 2.03 “Bad Moon Rising”

Wow, third week in a row with a solid episode! More VampCaroline. Lycanthropes, crossbow-wielding bitches, “animal” attacks. DAMON! Oh, just so much. So without further ado, here’s the SBH morning after table discussion. More to come in the full recap next week.

Main Players: Cin and Christina

Oh, Caroline…
Cin: I wonder how she got into her house…
Christina: Oh! Excellent point. They haven’t shown her with her mother yet, have they? No… Sheriff Mom wouldn’t invite her in. She knows the tricks…
Cin: She could have very well done like Katherine did OR maybe Caroline is considered a resident of the house. Maybe you don’t have to be invited in to your own legal residence.
Christina: Good point. I’m not sure of all the vampy rules…
Cin: I think I missed something in the ring making scene. Where did her ring come from? And got to say, the way she talks to Bonnie like nothing has changed is kinda neat. Bonnie on the other hand, well, more on her later. But I hate that bitch.
Christina: I don’t know where the ring came from either. It was just suddenly there. But yeah, nothing really has changed for Caroline except that she drinks blood and can’t go out in the sun without the ring. But Bonnie — BECAUSE EVERYTHING HAPPENS TO HER — is so completely put out by the whole thing. Jesus, bitch, can’t you look past a little vampirism? She’s your freaking best friend.
Cin: I’m not sure Bonnie knows what that means. I mean, none of the girls are the best friends in the world to each other, but Bonnie very much turns her loyalty on & off like a switch.
Christina: Like a humanity switch! And even though I felt bad for Caroline, I totes LOL’d when Stefan told her that as a vamp, her anal, possessive, control freak personality was going to be amplified.
Cin: Yeah, she has her work cut out for her trying to control her needier side being amplified as a vamp. Why isn’t he coaching her on her ‘shut off switch’? See, she needs Damon tutelage too! But I am REALLY loving the Stefan/Caroline interaction. Stef is a good teacher – or at least he’s trying to be.
Christina: I agree. I’m really enjoying them together. But CAROLINE! HOW DARE YOU SNACK ON MATTY/PEETA?! You were doing so well!
Cin: Don’t EVEN get me started. I was like NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I do kinda like how Stefan had HER do the mind wipe on him. I don’t know, seeing him standing over her while she does all these new vamp things make me giggle a little.
Christina: And being all jealous. I know you can’t help it, but my heart broke a little bit when you just couldn’t contain yourself. And now Peeta, I mean, Matt broke up with you. TEAR OUT MY HEART WHY DON’T YOU, WRITERS! I know Caroline kind of made this happen. She’s starting to hate herself a little bit, and was JealousCaroline so Matt would break up with her (as per that pesky conversation with Stefan). Still breaks my heart.
Cin: I kinda feel like him breaking up with her was a plot device. If she wasn’t left ‘ALONE’ one of Caroline’s big issues then is would she be primed to be Kathi’s playmate in the next ep? It just seemed rushed & forced. I mean, Matty/Peeta tells her he loves her & then over some nothing girl drama he ends the entire thing. UGH!
Christina: Yes, but he is a stupid teenage boy. Shit like that happens. *disappointed sigh* I agree that it was probably to get her alone, but it also makes sense. She and Stefan are so much alike already. They even have the same hang-ups about inter-mortality dating. Poor Matty/Peeta. He can come play at my house. I’ll love him.
Cin: And how hot was he in that wife beater. In the woods. HELLO NAUGHTY PEETA FANTASIES!

I brought you an apple, Mr. Salvatore *wink*
Cin: We’ve touched on all of this already, but I really liked Stefan in this teacher role. He got to be kinda snarky like he is with Damon & big brother-ish. That said, he caves WAY too easily. If I were him I would have taken her to the next county for the lessons.
Christina: What do you mean? Why? So that she wasn’t near Matt?
Cin: Not near Matt. Not near other people. Out of the way of the POTENTIAL lycan at the full fucking moon. I mean, they are in Virginia for Christsakes! Is it that hard to get lost in the wildlife?
Christina: But Stefan didn’t know about the potential Lycanthrope until after the training. Elena called him when they were at the party and Caroline and Matty were about to go off to have the sex.
Cin: They did discuss the possibility with the 1st Alaric meeting. But I guess you’re right. Still. FAR away from civilization. And no ‘free day’. I wish he was my teacher – he’s a total pushover!
Christina: A sexy, sexy push-over. Sorry, where were we?
Cin: After he does cave to her like a cheap suit & lets her go play with Matty/Peeta then he gets the phone call from Elena (member of the Fieldtrippers!). THEN he goes looking for her and comes across the Wolf Bronco and I was prompted to text this “Why is Stefan acting like a dumb virgin in a horror flick??” Seriously Stefan, did you take your stupid lame juice today? I hate it when you are all wishy-washy like this.

Bonnie “Cuntbasket” Bennett
Christina: Jeez, Bonnie you’re lucky Caroline is still alive! Why don’t you grow up a little and just make the damn ring without being such a whore about it??
Cin: Why don’t we have a “We HATE Bonnie” #vdbingo square? WE NEED ONE! She is such a cuntbasket. Actually, why does she have her own section in this recap? I can’t even type about her without my lip curling.

The Lockwoods
Christina: FINALLY! God, we knew this was coming. If we’d had to wait ANOTHER WEEK for this to be revealed, I might have had to choke somebody.
Cin: Bored now.
Christina: Tyler walking in the cave with his cellphone flashlight. Did you notice he was taking pictures? My, what a little detective!
Cin: Still bored.
Christina: Okay, so when he shouted “NO!” at the wolf… are we supposed to think that he knew it was UM, or not? Because when he met him all smeared with dirt (which was kind of hot if you ignore his face), he seemed surprised. I DON’T UNDERSTAND YOU, TYLER!
Cin: Now THIS was interesting. I think he didn’t particularly know it was UM or anything but the way he ordered it away. I think he was feeling the moon just a little bit. Why is UM there again? I’m OK with Tyler being were-ish, but this guy just rubs me the wrong way. Yeah, I’m saying it: I don’t even think he’s hot. I don’t know why exactly, but I’m blaming the actor’s stage name. If Brian Kinney & Justin Taylor had a kid via a surrogate in some fanfic world, he wouldn’t be a douchnozzle!!! /Cin fandom cray cray mind warp.
Christina: Maybe he didn’t know that it was UM, but he definitely knew that it was a PERSON. Which leads me to believe that he actually KNOWS all about his family’s history. One of my coworkers suggested that maybe his dad was the local pack leader or something, so he wasn’t surprised that the wolf was a person. He seemed more surprised that the wolf listened to him — ooh! Maybe now that the mayor is dead, the pack leader responsibilities have fallen to Tyler!
Cin: Ohhhh. I like that idea!

Bromance Fieldtrip!
Christina: I’m so glad that we got our Alaric back. Finally.
Cin: I know! And him coming for a SBH confab is just the best introduction to the season EVERS. They need him. I seriously love how Matt Davis plays the suspicious & guarded nature of Alaric whenever he’s around Damon. It’s 10 kinds of awesome.
Christina: I agree. The two of them together is just so much fun. I forgot how much I loved the two of them together. Especially when Damon is criticizing the gaudiness of the ring, and Alaric looks all kinda dejected at his ring, haha. I really enjoy Alaric away from Damon too. Like with that Vanessa chick — who was kind of creepy. I mean, she KNOWS that his wife is “missing,” and yet hits on him. But I’m glad that he went back to MF and laid the smooch on Jenna. As much shit as I give her for being a horrible parental figure, I like the two of them together.
Cin: Eh. I can do without the Jenna. I like Alaric any which way I can get him, but Jenna is a loser. I do like that him being involved with her keeps him in the trio’s orbit. I think their relationship is a plot device though.
Christina: You mean, you think their relationship is just Alaric using her? Or that it’s just sort of there, and we’re not supposed to feel one way or another about it? haha
Cin: I don’t think he’s using her – unless it is for mindless normalcy. It’s just there. The thinking woman’s Alaric Saltzman would have hooked up with the Vanessa chick.
Christina: I don’t know. She creeped me out. Speaking of Vanessa, she didn’t seem surprised at all when Alaric told her that Isobel is now a vamp. That is highly suspect.
Cin: She is supposed to be back for more eps, so it’s quite possible that she did know. Yeah, there is a lot going on there with her. And unlike UM, I’m kinda diggin’ it.
Christina: Yeah, but she arrowed Damon. Bad Vanessa! She’s a hunter, and… I don’t know. I don’t trust her. Also, just me, or the writers were playing a game of “let’s see how many times we can put the word “doppelgänger” in one scene? Hahaha
Cin: But she wasn’t TRYING to crossbow Damon, she was aiming for Elena who she thought was Katherine. Seems she knows who the bigger threats are. Oh man, I loved the dopplegänger word drop! It was like #vdbingo Cmas!
Christina: I know! Too bad it was only one square. Episode 1.22 was #vdbingo Christmas! Haha. And after the way Elena treated Damon, I almost wouldn’t mind if she HAD crossbow’d her. WAIT, WHAT AM I SAYING?! OH, I’m so distraught!
Cin: ROFLMAO! Tell me about it!

Cin: We need a WOOBIE square in #VDbingo too!
Christina: TOTES! I feel like it would kind of be the free space. Just like MD is ALWAYS delicious… I don’t know if Damon will ever not be woobie again.
Cin: He tried SO HARD all episode to make things right with her. Lighthearted banter. Saving her life. Controlled his revenge nature. MULTIPLE apologies. I just don’t understand. And what was the deal with that fucking kiss Elena laid on Stefan before they even got in the car? Complete with sneaky looks to Damon before & after. Protest much! Cold blooded.
Christina: I hurts me a little to talk about this right now. I know killing her brother was bad — okay, horrible — but damn. That was COLD, Elena. Breaking off any potential friendship with him breaks my heart. And Damon was baring his soul! How can you not want to clutch that to your chest?!
Cin: These are new emotions for me. I don’t want to not like Elena. But I didn’t like her this episode. She was mean spirited. She was cold. And Damon was EXACTLY right, she is alot more like Katherine than she thinks. Totes foreshadowing.
Christina: I was JUST thinking that! They are so alike. It killed me that Elena was so hard-hearted this episode. I love Elena. She can’t be like this. It’s not like Elena has been a complete push-over, and now is finally standing up for herself, like some other character on some other show that just recently ended. When that girl was a total psycho for a minute, it was awesome. But Elena was just… I can’t even. I’m upset. I can’t come up with words right now.
Cin: She hurt my Damon, thus she is working on being dead to me. I hate that. Leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. I mean, he was so hurt he couldn’t even summon up sarcasm to cover his man pain! THIS SHIT IS FOR REALS!!!

So, we want to hear from YOU. What did you think of the episode? What’s going to happen to Caroline now that Katherine is back? How will Damon cope? Will we ever see Jeremy again (I hope not)? Leave you comments below!

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14 Responses to Reactions: Episode 2.03 “Bad Moon Rising”

  1. Cat says:

    1. It was an okay episode. Too much “OH THE HUGE MANATEE” Stefan kind of slows it for me. Sorry. This was the first ep this season I needed to stop watching for a few minutes so I could have ff time in the TiVo to get past the Stefyawn scenes.

    2. Damon. I can’t stop thinking about “I got lucky with the ring”. I thought MD killed that speech. KILLED IT.

    3. Elena. Listen bitch, I did NOT like you this episode. Not at all. Damon saved your life, helped you out, bared his soul…and you get all bitchface with him? Definitely protesting too much. She’s into Damon more than she’d like to admit (and who wouldn’t be?)

    4. I’m *so* pro Katherine & Caroline. Caroline NEEDS a killing spree. Don’t bore her up when she’s a baby vamp!

    5. I hate Bonnie. No need to say more.

    • 2. I completely agree. Ian KILLED it. That scene was really superb. Of the entire episode, I think that’s the scene I’m most looking forward to for my rewatch.

      4. Yeah, but… but… okay, Caroline would make a really good “bad” vamp. But, I don’t really want her walking down that path. Caroline CANNOT die!

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      Wow – I kinda agree on almost all except the Stefan dislike & gung-ho killer Caroline. I mean, if she goes really bad she’s gonna get killed or leave town & I don’t want either, so that’s why I want her to be good. And #3 – OMG! Totes! Did you see her look at Damon, KISS STEFAN, then look back at Damon before she got in the car. That wasn’t just trying to hurt him or make him uncomfortable – she was playing a game.

      Ian of course was marvelous throughout. *sigh* I just need all Damon. All the time.

      • Cat says:

        I should clarify – I don’t want Caroline to be a Katherine level vamp forever, but you only get to be a young vamp once. I want her around, but please don’t defang her before she gets to have a little fun. I’ve enjoyed Stefan more this season than last, but these are vampires. If I want human angst all the time, I’ll watch repeats of thirtysomething.

      • Cin Salvatore says:

        ROFL! You just *wish* you had thirtysomething on DVD!

  2. mak75231 says:

    Geez, Louise! It SUCKS to have to work during the day! I SO wanna make comments (yea, you can’t shut me up)! I’m just gonna say–if you wanna see me naked, just ask! OMG *fell over*

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      I hear ya! Christina & I both multi-task (do all this when we SHOULD be working) so much it should be criminal. Don’t worry, we’ll be roasting on this all weekend while we get the big recap together – so when you can just let it all out. LOL

  3. rehabber says:

    About the getting in the house after becoming a vampire..remember Logan could not get in his house and had to move to a motel. So I think when Caroline made the call from the hospital it was her mom that picked her up and took her home. And I think Kat got in the house by playing like she was Elena.

    Very tired of Bonnie and I can’t wait for Damon to take her down, witch only blames everyone else for her mistakes.

    Elena you know you feel for Damon or you would not have put that kiss show on for him with Stefan. You only hurt the ones you Hey I can dream can’t I???

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      Yeah, that’s what I was thinking about the house thing too.

      I totally agree on both the GUH!Bonnie & UGH!Elena/Damon business. Things need to be shaken up.

  4. DJ says:

    1. I love vamp Caroline. She is hilarious. And her making Matt break up with her shows that she totally has an understanding for her situation. At first I thought her ditzyness would get the best of her, but I think vamping it out actually made her smarter, so I dig that. I don’t want her going off the dark end, though. I want her with Matty. He’s so adorable and he brings out the best in her, they’re such an awesome couple 🙂
    2. I like Stefan a lot more this season, too. Last season I did not get why Elena was that into him, but this season he’s a bit more proactive, so I can accept it 🙂
    3. I think Tyler didn’t so much “know” that the werewolf was a man, much less his uncle, I think it was more of a “feeling” he got, that he had like a connection to the wolf or something like that. So that’s why he was still surprised to see his uncle. He kinda felt the bond, but he didn’t have the informational framework to piece it all together, if you know what I mean.
    4. DAMON! Oh my god, I adore him! Ian was again totally awesome in this episode, of course! No surprise there. But I gotta say, I do understand Elena. I mean, he killed her brother, thinking he would actually be dead. From his standpint, I get that he did it, kinda, because 150 years of disregard for human life don’t just go away. He wants to hurt someone, he kills someone they love, seems like a good strategy for a jaded vamp. But I also get her. If someone killed one of my family members, no matter how hot they were (Ian, don’t test it, I might not be able to go through with this, lol), I don’t think I would EVER in a million years be able to get past that and love them. So, the fact that Jeremy is still alive helps of course, but I do get that she can’t forgive Damon just yet. But she will, I’m sure 🙂 What’s more important though is that Damon needs to stop being sad and be awesome instead! He is best when he’s witty, evil, sarcastic. So I say: writers, whatever you need to have happen to him to make it like that again al the time, do it. If you have to hurt him in the process, so be it. I will be in agonising pain to see him hurt, but if that makes his crazy-ass Damon again, it’s worth it 🙂
    5. oh and yeah, Alaric all the way. Love that he’s back and the bromance is in full swing. Now Jeremy just needs to get in there as the little bro and they could make a show just about the three of them and I’d watch it. Who cares about all the rest 🙂

    • 3. Yes, this is a great idea. If any of this is true — whether he knew about it or not — but the whole he’s the leader of the pack type thing/ he can just sort of “tell” is going to make Tyler more interesting. Which would totes be welcomed b/c I typically do groan whenever he’s on screen. But I think we may be on to something here…
      4. I understand where Elena is coming from too. Definitely warranted in her hate, but Jeremy is alive, so I think/hope she’ll come around. I don’t know. I just feel like she’s going about her shunning in the wrong way. Using him? Wrong wrong wrong. INTENSELY kissing Stefan right in front of him and giving him those looks — TOTES to make him jealous and uncomfortable? That’s juvenile. Elena, you’re better than that. Or maybe I’m just too attached to Damon at this point, haha. No, it’s Elena. She’s not like that (Kathi is!), and that’s what kills me about it. *sigh*
      5. Is it too soon to hope for Shirtless Alaric? Christina is hot for teacher! 😉

      • DJ says:

        I know what you mean. I do hope Elena comes back around. I want Damon and Elena to go back to flirty undertone conversations. That was awesome. When Elena hates on Damon, I just can not relate to her, because I love him soooooo much 🙂 Her and her actions become totally foreign to me, because I just want to hug him and be like: If you promise to love me forever, I will love you forever, too! LOL

  5. mak75231 says:

    Man, it sucks when u get up early to post comments and your damn cable is out because it’s raining! Had to go to my fav coffeehouse just to post this! Damon–stop f*&in with the weather!

    SNARK ALERT! Wasn’t absolutely everybody totally snarky for most of the ep? Must’ve been a full moon when they were writing BMR, cause a lot of the dialog could cut glass! Except maybe Stefan, who was actually amusing for a lot of the scenes–Stefan smiles–alert the media!

    Sooner or later we’ll find out how Caroline got in her house, and for that matter, at the end of BMR, how Katherine got in Caroline’s bedroom, so at this point it’s like beatin a dead horse.

    Loved Caroline calling CB Bonnie on the Beyonce hair fan trick when she spells something–lol. If ur taking a poll on “WeHATEBonnie” square, I’m down with it! Still wonder why Caroline got a ring, when the rest of the daywalker female vamps sport pendants. Gender identity issues!

    Since I haven’t said it yet–WOOBIE!

    Carol Lockwood is such a trip. Whispers when she says “slaves”–lady, I bet you have a maid RIGHT NOW that doesn’t make minimum wage! Did anybody notice we didn’t see anything of the mysterious moonstone? Was Ty hidin it in the pocket of his kilt, so that’s why HE didn’t turn (gotta love those shorts).

    I was dyin at the fieldtrip set-up meeting. MD’s whole Lon Chaney-Lon Chaney Jr-Bela Lugosi had me on the floor! I know! CB Bonnie is the Bride of Frankenstein–anyone remember Elsa Lancaster’s hair! ROFL! And Elena was SUCH a B at the car–though she was gonna throw Stefan down on the ground and–well, pick your favorite fantasy. JUST to spit in MD’s face! What a Katherine move!

    At Duke, can I just state the obvious–Vanessa is a nympho. She needed a drool towel every time she talked to Alaric. Then she was thinkin nasties about a guy she CLEARLY thinks is 160+ years old that she just tried to off! BTW, my nomination for quote of the episode was “If you want to see me naked, just ask.” Ask me! Ask me!


    Did anybody but me think UM looks better covered in mud? Bad Dog!

    In conclusion (hehehe–I’m holdin out for the recap), I was REALLY pissed at Elena for the porch scene. She totally played Damon the entire episode, then SHE’s the one that stabbed him in the back. He shouldn’t let her get to him like that. However, in hindsight, as The Bard would say, “Methinks the lady doth protest too much!”


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