Episode 202 “Brave New World”

Episode 202 “Brave New World”

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: Jeremy isn’t dead. Damon heals Caroline with his blood. Katherine tells Stefan she loves him, but tells Damon she never loved him. Woobie! Damon, distraught, tries to kiss Elena, and when she rejects him KILLS JEREMY! Yeah! But Jeremy isn’t dead because he was wearing Uncle Creeper’s ring! Over at the hospital, Katherine smothers Caroline with a pillow! Whew!

We open with Caroline dead in her hospital bed.

BUT WAIT! She’s not dead! She’s waking up!

She gets up, confused, looking for her family,

but Nurse Nasty at the desk informs her that it’s the middle of the night. Caroline is hungry too. Starving, almost. She asks if she can get some food, but NN tells her again it’s the middle of the night, and suggests rather bitchily that Caroline get back in bed.

But Caroline smells blood in a bag in the next room,

and ganks it before NN comes to collect her. Once she leaves her back in her room, Caroline whips it out and takes a tentative sip from it.

It’s gross, but she can’t help herself! She keeps drinking like it’s a goddamn Capri Sun

(thanks faithful follower @eyemjusme66 for that hilarious comparison!).


Over at a town carnival being held for no intelligible reason, and seemingly completely run by A COUPLE OF TEENAGERS, Bonnie and Elena are setting up.

Bonnie brings up Katherine, and demands to know why she and Elena look exactly alike. And how does Elena know that Katherine isn’t just walking around pretending to be her? Elena just shrugs it off. She doesn’t want to talk about it.

Bonnie, who can’t get a clue to save her life, asks if Elena has spoken to Damon since he killed Jeremy. No, Bonnie! DAMN! She hasn’t spoken to him, and she doesn’t want to. In fact, Elena explains, she doesn’t want to talk about anything vampire-related.

Elena: I have to do human stuff or I’m going to go crazy.

Over by the lockers. Stefan gives Jeremy a friendship vial of liquid vervain, and for some reason proceeds to tell Jeremy all the ways to kill a vamp. To get him to trust him? I don’t know, but this certainly isn’t going to lead to anything good.

Jeremy calls him on it, but Stefan warns him to stay away from Damon.

He’s unstable right now. No shit.

Elena comes and breaks up this little meeting to put them to work,

and Jer escapes. Elena tells Stefan she just wants the carnival to reel them back into the boring world of teenagers again,

which amuses Season 2, non-broody Stefan. In this fantasy world, Stefan would take her to the top of the Ferris Wheel and kiss her “and my heart will flutter like a normal teenage girl’s.” Aww, that was cute. Stefan tries to bring up Damon, but Elena all fingers-in-her-ears-la-la-la-la. “You’re not allowed to bring up the D-word.”

Over at Lockwood Manor,

Carol is wondering to Damon about the tomb vamp who went after John Gilbert.

Damon tells her Sheriff Mom already has him on it. Carol then tells him that since she’s going to be the interim Mayor – because obvs there’s a law in MF that the mayor at least has to be a Lockwood – she was wondering if he’d like to be the interim head of the Council.

Because deep down he does love this town and its residents, he tells her he would be honored.

Just outside, UM and Tyler come in from a sweaty good time,

and Damon’s super vamp ears hear the conversation.

UM is all “god we Lockwoods have fine asses. Like that right there.”

“That’s a fine ass!” TYLER IS WEIRDED OUT!

Or, maybe UM just asks Tyler about his anger.

Tyler divulges that he blackouts sometimes, and gets angry over nothing.

UM does not seem surprised. Yeah, that’s not frightening at all.

Back at the hospital, the sun is burning Caroline.

Matty/Peeta comes in to bring her some food.

Aww, so sweet. They lean in to kiss, but the pesky sun gets in the way!

Gosh! Matty/Peeta tells her that she’s going to be released tomorrow morning, and she freaks out because MORNING?! No, no, it has to be toNIGHT. Matt teases her about being a control freak about the carnival, and tells her that the reason she’s so sad is because there’s no light in the room.

He opens the curtains, and Caroline vamp-speeds across the room.

“CLOSE IT!” she hisses, and it’s awesome! DAMN!

Caroline, you are fierce! Matty/Peeta says he’ll be back later.

Back at the SBH, Damon is pouring himself a glass of blood, and offers Stefan some

(YES! Please take it!), but he declines (damn!). Damon’s all “aren’t you worried that one day all the forest animals are going to band together and fight back?”

Stefan quips back that he’s just glad it’s a blood bag and not a sorority girl.


Damon calls him on being afraid that he’s going to explode.

And maybe Damon is, because he changes the subject to the Lockwoods. Something is up. Since they were affected by the Device, Damon knows they have a secret, but they’re not vamps.

Stefan asks if he’s worried about Katherine, but Damon asks why should he be? He’s just going to let Stefan deal with her. Haha, yeah, likely.

Back at the hospital, Caroline’s getting dressed to leave during the non-daylight hours, and her vervain necklace

burns her and she throws it across the room.

She’s starting to notice changes like the CRAZY VAMP EYES

and fangs!

When NN comes in to check on her, Caroline accidentally realizes she can compel her.

She tells her not to say anything, and then she SNACKS on her! Yeah!

Over at the Impromptu Carnival, Bonnie and Elena are busy being organizers.

They spot Carter the Carnie, who flirts with Bonnie.

They go off, but don’t worry, I have a feeling we’ll see him again. They bothered giving him a name and all.

Back at Lockwood Manor, UM is looking for the family heirloom moonstone.

Tyler is suspicious and pretends he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

But I have a feeling he does. Which is why he ushers UM out the door.

Back at the carnival that’s the prime destination for everyone tonight, Damon finds Jeremy – who got a haircut!

Jeremy threatens him a little.

He even shows Damon that he still has the Gilbert ring,

as if that could make him immune from Damon killing him FOR REAL. So natch, Damon puts him in a headlock.

Damon: This is what we’re not going to do: we’re not going to walk around like we’re invincible when it’s this easy for me to end you.

He lets him go, but shows him that he stealthily stole UC’s ring off his hand.

He’s all “I will shove this ring so far up your ass, you’ll really have something to choke on.” OH DAMON! HOW I’VE MISSED THIS SIDE OF YOU!

Back at the hospital, Caroline has compelled the nurse to sign her out, so she can leave tonight. As she’s walking out, she apologizes to NN,

and compels her to forget her feeding on her. Her new story: “My husband likes to get kinky.”

Ha! Typical Caroline. Love it! She’s got places to be, though. Excited that her compelling worked, Caroline makes her exit. “I don’t know how this works, but it’s brilliant!”

Oh, she has the potential to be very dangerous indeed. AWESOME!

Back across town, Stefan catches Damon watching Tyler arm wrestle some people.

Stefan calls it “lurking,” Damon calls it “observing,” and Stefan sees his adjective and raises him an “obsessing.” Enter the Uncle. UM and Tyler arm wrestle,

and where there was no contest between Tyler and the other random high school kids, Tyler and UM struggle a little. But UM wins. Hey, do you think they went there just to arm wrestle. That’s a little creepy, but I wouldn’t put it past their douchery…

Damon volunteers Stefan to arm wrestle UM,

and again there is a struggle, but UM wins.

Damon: You didn’t put in any effort at all.

Stefan: Yeah, actually I did.

Stefan explains that it’s not vampire strength though. Oooh! But maybe they’re Ninja Turtles! Or Zombies! Or Werewolves!

Damon is not amused. But he does have an idea. He finds Carter the Carnie (told you!),

and compels him to pick a fight with Tyler.

Damon knows that Tyler, apparently when approached with a fight, get’s all Tom Petty about it and won’t back down. Maybe then they can figure out what the Lockwoods are.

Over in the school, Caroline 1) IS WEARING A SCARF!,

and 2) meets Damon in the hallway.

She remembers everything, everything he did to her, how he compelled her and fed off her – everything.

Damon’s all “that’s impossible… unless…” and then gives her a really good “oh shit!” look.

Caroline delivers Katherine’s message and then shoves him to the ground.

Then in typical Caroline fashion, tells him “YOU suck!”

and stalks off outside. Heh.

Speaking of outside, Damon has found Elena and tells her she has to go with him.

Uh oh, I think it’s Salvatore Powwow Time!

Across the carnival, Carter the Carnie picks the fight,

and as predicted, Tyler accepts the challenge.

Group hug!

But UM steps in and turns all Were on them,

jumping like Jack Nicholson in Wolf. Yeah! That’s right! I made that obscure reference!

Tyler sees UM’s eyes go all crazy like his did back in the S1 Finale.

Over at the game booths, Caroline find Matty/Peeta playing ring toss.

See? She’s ALL better. She wants to play and proceeds to break several of the bottles.

Girl don’t know her own strength!

“Nice shot, Killer,” Matt teases. When they hug, Caroline gets all vampy because she can smell his blood, which upsets her so she stalks off.

Over in Alaric’s classroom (btw, where IS Alaric?!), Damon tells Elena and Stefan about Katherine’s message. Why would she do this? Elena wants to know.

Because Katherine is “a manipulative, nasty little slut,” Damon explains.

Oh, right. Stefan is worried about Caroline, but Damon thinks she knows exactly what she’s doing (and possibly thinks she’s working for Katherine. He doesn’t say this, but maybe…).

He suggests that they kill her, and reminds them of Vicki – which didn’t Stefan stake her at a school carnival too? My, how history repeats itself. (I half-expected Elena to jump up and explain that it was a Halloween Haunted House. Hello, duh! They are all completely distinct! But alas.) Stefan vehemently opposes Damon.

He is NOT going to kill Caroline.

Outside, Caroline is upset and smells Carter’s blood.

She can’t help herself. She apologizes to him before she JUMPS ON HIS BACK AND EATS HIM!

Across the grounds, Matt and Bonnie are talking about Caroline.

He thinks she’s upset with him. She’s all cool one second, and batshit the next. He knows something is wrong, but he can’t explain it.

Walking back through the carnival, STEFAN MAD!

And he punches a ticket office booth thing. RAH!

Caroline obvs has a death sentence, and he has to stop it. Elena asks if Katherine is doing this to her.

Stefan sighs. “Actually, she’s doing this to me.”

Back at Lockwood Manor, Tyler wants to know what happened to UM during the fight. UM’s all “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for,” but Tyler saw his eyes – they glowed!

UM just plays it off and changes the subject by reminding Tyler that he was helping his ass out of a fight.

Back at the carnival, Elena and Stefan are looking for Caroline, when Stefan’s vampy super-sniffer smells some blood. Caroline has killed Carter, but unfortunately Damon has found her first.

Caroline, visibly shaken, demands to know what’s wrong with her. Damon tells her that he can help, and she wants to know what he can do.

Damon: The only thing I can do. I’m going to kill you.

But Caroline doesn’t much feel like dying. She just wants help. Damon tries to shush her, and they hug before she goes into hysterics, but then Damon’s all “It’s the only way.” And Caroline, noooo!

But Stefan grabs his brother just in time!

Caroline thinks Elena is Katherine and freaks out. Kudos to Candice Accola here – her squeaky voice is so full of emotion, even I got choked up!

Having pulled Damon away, Stefan goes to Caroline. Damon rushes them though, trying to stake her, but Elena jumps in the way.

Damon manages to stop himself, and they have a stare-down for a few seconds.

Finally, Damon resigns, but warns Elena that whatever happens is on her.

Oh great. Now Bonnie shows up. She sees the blood on Caroline’s face and seems to lose it a bit. Caroline tries to go to her for comfort, but Bonnie runs away. Elena tries to calm her down, but nothing seems to be working.

Meanwhile, Stefan pulls Caroline into a nearby bathroom and – very sweetly – cleans the blood from her face while gently shushing her to calm down.

Unfortunately, she’s a bit hysterical. She’s a monster, she says. Her face keeps changing, and it’s scaring her. Her eyes start to go a bit crazy-vampy. But Stefan, sweet as pie still, shows her that it happens to him too, and he explains to her how to calm herself down whenever the bloodlust hits her. He says she needs to tell herself that she’s going to get through it, and to bury the urge to feed. Like that’s not going to blow up her in face later. Then they practice Lamaze.

When they’re calm, Caroline wants to know why Katherine did this, but Stefan doesn’t know. He promises not to let anything happen to her. Oooh. That’s so cute, and there’s a wild vibe here. Their relationship from this point on is going to be very important, I feel.

Back outside,

Bonnie is all weepy because THIS IS ALL HAPPENING TO HER! She then turns on Damon and MIND BULLETS him. When he goes down, she gets the hose to spew water.

Bonnie: I told you what would happen if anyone else got hurt.


Damon’s writhing on the ground and groans out that it wasn’t him. Elena also comes to his rescue, but Bonnie isn’t hearing ANY logic whatsoever. “Everything that’s happened is his fault, Elena.” Wait, you mean he left the device cursed – the device that caused the accident and almost killed Caroline – then he was the one who told him to go ahead and give her his blood. OOOHHHH! Okay, I was confused before and thought that was all you, Bonnie. Glad that’s all cleared up now.

But then Bonnie gets even crazier than I imagined and SETS HIM ON FIRE!

As he’s burning on the ground (Damon, nooooo!), Elena runs up to Bonnie and breaks her trance, effectively putting out the flames.

She looks at Damon concerned, but leads Bonnie away.

Later, after everyone has been cleaned up and sent their own way, Stefan tells Elena that Caroline is okay. Elena is scared that Damon is going to kill her, but Stefan assures her that he won’t let it happen.

Elena sighs heavily over her terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, and tells Stefan she’ll see him tomorrow.

Back at the Lockwood Lair, Tyler knows EXACTLY where the moonstone is! He digs it out of his dad’s secret hiding spot (which also contains blank separation papers!!) in his study.

He’s clearly not going to tell UM about this.

Back at the SBH, Jeremy’s paid a visit. He’s poisoned Damon’s liquor, but warns him before Damon takes a drink. He wanted to stake him, but obviously he’s having second thoughts.

Though they think they hate each other, they seem like sort of kindred spirits, hateful and hated, but not willing to be alone. Jeremy explains that his dad hated vamps, so he thought he should too. “But what good would it do?”

Damon explains that his dad hated vamps too, and they bond, and aww.

Over at the Forbes’ house, Caroline is in her room when Matty/Peeta sneaks through the window. She tries to get him to leave, but he doesn’t want to. She almost died, he explains, and it freaked him out. He doesn’t want to lose her.

Even though he was mad she’s been so wishy-washy today, he’s in love with her and it scares him that he doesn’t know if she feels the same.


As they’re hugging, though, Caroline gets a bit of the blood lust,

but remembering Stefan’s words, she’s able to do her breathing and buries it deep down inside.

Over at la Casa de Gilbert, Elena is sleeping, but Stefan wakes her.

He has to show her something. He takes her to the Ferris Wheel for that teen moment kiss.

(And while watching this I couldn’t stop thinking “Danger! Do not rock the seat! It makes babies!” I am mature.) Stefan tells her that he knows that life sucks (ha! Vampire pun!), but they can’t forget to live it! Ah! There’s this week’s very special message. I’m still hoping that the second inspirational message is going to be “if the seat’s a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’,” but instead Elena looks at him kind of sadly.

Elena: It’s not going to get easier is it?
Stefan: No, it’s not.


So what did you think? Will Jeremy join the Bromance Alliance? Will Bonnie avenge Caroline’s mortality? Will Caroline continue being BADASS? Questions? Comments? The space below is yours!

(All screencaps courtesy of hotn-caps.com)

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17 Responses to Episode 202 “Brave New World”

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  2. mak75231 says:

    Really tried to read this on the down-low at work as soon as it came out; you know how that worked out! IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER: The Capri Sun ref was dead on (pun intended). What’s NN’s husband gonna say when she shows up at home with that nasty hickey, hmmm? He won’t be buyin the kinky husband crap! Aren’t all our heroes and heroines supposed to be juniors? For a school that has an overabundance of social activities (and no discernible classes, since Alaric came to town), what happened to prom? I personally think Alaric is at football coaching school, since the team folded after Damon removed Tanner from the faculty. What’s a school in the South without a football team? I’m not wild about UM, either, but I do wanna see what that honkin big tat on his back looks like! Maybe next ep? Hey, he’s a Lockwood, maybe he should run for Mayor–should be a shoe-in (or is that paw-in). He’s being so ultra-cool about not telling Tyler about the elephant in the room that everybody else can already see (except maybe our heroes), but UM makes it sound like Tyler has PMS! I didn’t comment on this when u first mentioned it, but Matty is SO Peeta! Whadaya think, Matt and Anna as Peeta and Katniss? Who’s your nom for Gale? Did u catch Bonnie’s Twi-slam when she told Elena that they were running out of Bart & Homer dolls and Team Jacob shirts? Why is everybody’s go-to move the old throat snatch? Okay, the Bromance Alliance has been called Beer N Blood, and Milk N Cookies, so if we’re addin Damon, Alaric, and Jeremy, were gonna have to go with Milk N Bourbon-neat. I was thinkin the same as you when they had that ‘Danger-Do Not Rock Seat’ plastered all over the screen–but of course, Stefan has built in birth control, so they’d only have to worry about fallin out, or the attendant coming back from break early! Who am I kidding? He probably makes minimum wage! Either Bonnie or Caroline have to get their s*&t together, because Elena def needs a best friend–NOT Katherine. Although her shoes ROCK! Can’t wait to see what happens from the preview when Matt/Peeta cuts his hand while he and Caroline are makin out–he’s so clueless! Time travel to Thursday nite! And it’s a full moon for reals!

    • OMG your comment made me LOL! I think they are juniors, but you know what? I bet you prom is coming up. And watch it be a whole town-wide event too! I just realized… maybe Alaric and Jenna finally shacked up. I mean, we didn’t see her all ep either… IF THE SEAT’S A-ROCKIN’ DON’T COME A-KNOCKIN’! Also, maybe Tyler does have PMS. I mean, think about it. Flying off the handle for little to no reason, rage blackouts… gets really bad about once a month… 😛 And yes! Totes caught the Team Jacob thing. I LOL’d a little. And then shouted “FORESHADOWING!” at my television because I’m very verbal when I watch TV alone.

      YAY! Another Zach Roerig For Peeta campaign supporter! Cin and I had discussed Anna for Katniss. I can’t remember if we decided who’d be Gale… Cin?

      • mak75231 says:

        Well after reading @ErnestoRiley tweets today, I’d say he’s been hiding in the library drinkin hooch for the last two weeks! Cin says M Trevino for Gale–I kinda see it. OMG, did your 12-year-old really think Ian Somerhalder’s name was Magically Delicious!?!?!? Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! Lucky charms to you–coulda been Count Chocula! Don’t eat the Woobie (even if that bwitch Bonnie charred his legs)!

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      Ok, you are awesome. I don’t even know where to start responding to your comment because it’s so brilliant! A highlight is probably the PMS comparison – because seriously, it SO. IS!!!

      Yes, Matt is SO PEETA. I also love the idea of Anna as Katniss. Actually, Christina & I have discussed writing a feature casting The Hunger Games movie with TVD cast. My choice for Gale would probably be Tyler. Because both are kinda douchey (is my HG ship preference showing? Good!) So if you have any more ideas on this we would love to hear them.

      You are an absolute delight – we are so glad to have you here. 😉

      • mak75231 says:

        I do kinda see M Trevino as Gale. We’ll get a better look at him this season. Gonna be playing VDBingo with u guys next episode [ROOKIE ALERT!] I will seriously try to reign in my own vulgar thoughts while watching, and I promise not to talk back to the screen (it’s not becoming on a woman my age)! I will not, however, stop talking to crows, or calling out “Damon? You there?” when we have fog…..

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      My friends & I started calling Ian ‘Magically Delicious’ back when he did an arc on Smallville S3 back in 2003/2004. THEN there was all this buzz about a little show set on an island and at the time, Magically Delicious being in the cast alone made me tune in on 9/22/04. When Boone died, a part of me died (even if he was a tool – the lighting on that island was KIND to MD). Of course, he just got me to the table & the past 6 years Lost has been my #1 show for sure (appointment TV – only missed one live airing & that’s when I was on an airplane). But anyway, my daughter grew up knowing him as Magically Delicious. Even my husband knows exactly who I mean. Actually it doesn’t have much to do with Lucky Charms – at least to me. It’s just, well, it fits! As the guide to the free square in #VDbingo says: “Magically Delicious is, well, DELICIOUS”. I’ve since turned everyone one of my friends at twitter & the internets onto the nickname and in convo it’s usually just shortened to MD.

      But yeah, I like Trevino for Gale. Paul would be a close second, but honestly, I don’t like Gale enough for Paul to play him. Ian is too mature & plus, he’s SO CINNA! Seriously, we must do this feature casting the HG movie from the show. Also, Christina & I like Carol Lockwood for Effie. ROFL!

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  5. rehabber says:

    I’m with you on the Bonnie thing, she does not want to take credit for anything bad she has caused..tomb letting out the vamps, the device, Caroline, nothing she is just perfect..not a Bonnie fan and I am waiting for Damon to take her down. PLEASE hurry with that. I have never been a Caroline fan until this ep and I was so proud of her listening to what Stefan told her and she was able to control herself around Matt.

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      Bonnie has major issues & needs her face punched in! If Bon took a long look in the mirror she’d realize she’s done more harm than Damon in the past few months. Actually, the Salvatores have had to clean up her mistakes. I hate her superior attitude & I look for Katherine to make her her bitch. But honestly, I kinda want Stefan to be the one to put her down. And Elena needs to get over this blind defense of her. I know she’s one of her only friends, but that girl has changed for the worse.

      I’ve always liked Caroline in a mean girls kinda way, but how Candice Accola has just BROUGHT IT as VampCaroline made me completely fall in love with her. I never want her to die or leave, but if pressed – it had better be leaving town. Because she is beyond awesome. I think a baby sister vamp is exactly what Stefan & Damon need.

  6. rehabber says:

    Check Ian out in the movie Changing Hearts, that is when I fell in love and yeah he is MD. Just so y’all know I am not a spring chicken..72 here and my heart still goes bonkers when Ian is on the screen.lol And I cry buckets every time I watch Kat tell Damon she never loved him and the look on his face and that tiny noise he makes.

    • mak75231 says:

      LOL! And I thought I was the only one who remembered Kennedy being elected that was totally bonkers about this show (and Ian Somerhalder in particular)! Do you have the Marco Polo set?

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