Reactions: Episode 2.02 “Brave New World”

Just like last week’s episode, last night’s was in top form! The town had another random get together, and we got to see VampCaroline try out her new fangs! YES! So much love. You don’t understand (or maybe you do). To explain, without further ado, here are the SBH’s table discussion on episode 2.02. We tried to cover all the major events at least a little. We’ll hit up other details in the longer recap next week.

Main Players: Cin and Christina

Oh, Matty
Christina: Matt is too damn cute for words. When he first came into the hospital room, my heart melted a little bit. And then later in Caroline’s bedroom. I’m about to have an aww-attack just thinking about him!
Cin: I just adore him. So sweet & perfect. I seriously have no idea why Elena dumped him. I would like to take comfort from those arms & eyes FOREVER.

Caroline the Badass Vamp
Christina: I feel really bad for Caroline because she has to deal with this new thing, but she is TOTES going to be an awesome vampire! She’s already learning control because she needs too — she’s in love with Matty/Peeta!
Cin: First of all – Matty is SO PEETA! ((Non-Hunger Games readers note that this is basically the best compliment that Christina & I can give a guy. Also, WHY HAVEN’T YOU READ THE HUNGER GAMES TRILOGY YET?)) When VampCaroline said “Close it!” so. FIERCE! It was a gasping moment. It was like ‘Oh, so this is the kind of vamp that Caroline is going to be. YES. PLEASE!’ And then before Caroline leaves the hospital, the entire bit with the nurse was pure gold. She is going to be the Regina George of vamps & personally, I loved it & her from the fucking jump.
Christina: My question about the nurse is, how did Caroline not kill her when she snacked on her? If she didn’t understand how to control herself until after speaking with Stefan, how’d she stop?
Cin: She told Damon she remembered everything he did to her, maybe because she wasn’t really THAT hungry she was able to take a snack, and copy what Damon did to her for so long. Use her for blood & then try her hand at the mind control thing. However she did it – she is totally fuckawesome in my book. I never want her to die. NEVER.
Christina: TOTES agree! Okay good, so I am justified in thinking that besides needing some marginal instruction, and some moral support, Caroline could probably figure things out for herself, for the most part.
Cin: She does deserve props. She is no VampVicki. They were telling that slag what to do & how to act & she was a trainwreck. I understand that some of them — Salvatore bros included — learned these things on their own too. Stefan got that girl to help Damon change the same evening he changed. Besides remembering how Kat had done it to him, he figured it out. Me likey smart & resourceful vamps.

Stefan, We Love This Side of You!
Christina: We got more Badass Stefan. I’m really not condoning violence or anything like that, but is there anything hotter than Stefan punching that ticket box office/hot dog stand thing? I don’t know where this badassery is coming from, but keep it up, Stefan, please!
Cin: I’m condoning violence. If it makes Stefan hit things, which in turn makes me all tingly in all the right places. We can never have too much of that. NEVER.

Tyler and Uncle Douchebag
Christina: Dear Uncle Mason, JUST TELL THE BOY ALREADY, JESUS! Your drawing out this story line is doing NOTHING for me. I know what you are. Pretty sure all the other viewers know what you are. This is no big mystery. Your dragging it out is only making you BORING. Stop being so evasive.
Cin: Nothing in this storyline is doing it for me. Not the gratuitous shirtless sweaty time. Not the dude who plays Uncle Mason. Not getting ‘inside’ the great mystery of the Lockwood world of rage. Nothing. *yawn*
Christina: I suppose what we’re getting here is the journey to realization, which is kind of cool. I appreciate that. But Uncle Mason is such a huge wanker, I would rather see Tyler going it alone. That journey of fear and confusion would be WAY more intriguing to me. I mean, eventually, once the truth comes out, their storyline could be interesting. But right now. Meh. Bored
Cin: Completely. The only thing that makes them not totally terrible is that DAMON seems interested. I’m interested that he’s interested, just not so much in what he’s interested in. Damon, when you figure it out – kill UM & free us from his douchenozzle face. Yeah. I said it.
Christina: Also, UM, that strong-man contest you were putting on… how incredibly lame are you? I understand that that was a convenient way for us to see that he’s stronger than Stefan, so he’s something SUPERNATURAL, but I’m unimpressed. It was hokey.
Cin: Him hanging around & challenging teenagers at a carnival? Not lame at all. Seriously, I’m disliking this guy more by the fucking second.
Christina: Haha! Your description just made me think of Uncle Mason as Matthew McConaughey in Dazed & Confused. If he starts hitting on the high school girls 1) gross, and 2) I SO TOTES CALLED THAT TWO WEEKS AGO! Also, 3) gross.
Cin: Word. Plus that dude is NO McConaughey. No way UM could “alright, alright, alright” his way in to this (former) HS slut’s pants!
Christina: Hahaha WORD! And I rolled my eyes so hard when Tyler yoinked that moonstone and actually had SHIFTY EYES before pocketing the thing. YOU WERE IN A ROOM ALONE! YOU CLOSED THE DOOR BEHIND YOU! Were you checking out the wall? Is this like Logan’s dad’s pool room with the hidden sex cameras? I don’t understand. I hate you, Tyler. I really do.
Cin: I agree. I’m sorry, but I just don’t get all the HUGE love that critics/entertainment reporters (notably ones who have access to the cast personally so whose opinion may or may not be tainted) & the producers have for Michael Trevino. His acting does nothing for me & is actually kinda annoying. More like OVER acting. Tyler is a douche. UM is a douche. Go take your anger mangagement issues to Club Dirtbag say.
Christina: I don’t know if I have a problem with Michael Trevino, per se. I just don’t think Tyler is a sympathetic character. Then again, this is how I originally viewed Logan Echolls, so what do I know? Haha.
Cin: This guy is & could NEVER BE Logan Echolls. WASH YOUR MOUTH OUT!!! Logan, even in the beginning, is awesome even IN his douchery. Inspirational message voicemail messages. Quippy lines like “Annoy tiny blonde one. Annoy like the wind.” – I mean seriously, there is zero comparison. At least before everyone fell for Logan he was interesting. Tyler is not interesting. I don’t even hate him, I just find him useless, like furniture. No, I take that back. Furniture is useful.

I’d Like to Mind Bullet Bonnie. Right in the Face.
Christina: Bonnie needs to get eaten. Like immediately. I think Caroline should eat her. That would only be fair. HOW’S YOUR GUILT NOW, BONNIE?
Cin: I still want Stefan to kill her for going too far. I’m pretty sure he would do it if he didn’t think Elena would find out if she keeps being a danger to his family of vamps. Of course he won’t. None of them will because they will think they need her to “fight” Kat. Whatever. Go enlist a real witch I say. I’d like to volunteer. For payment: Just a bed in the SBH, preferably occupied by a Salvatore. 😀
Christina: You’re going to volunteer? You have witchy powers? YOU’VE BEEN HOLDING OUT ON ME! Speaking of witchy powers, wtf, Bonnie? I’m tired of your Mind Bullets. I mean, they’re extremely effective, but bitch, you needs to stop using them on Damon. And setting him on fire?! FOR SHAME!
Cin: Shhhhhh. *whispers* It’s a secret 😉 UGH! Her fucking Mind Bullets are out of control. That bitch needs to learn a new trick. I’m honestly shocked she remembered the fire crap.
Christina: But that was the first time that she realized that she really had witchy powers. Natch she’d remember. I’m just… sickened by the fact that she used them on poor Damon. Dear Bonnie, don’t you remember that he SAVED YOUR FRIEND’S LIFE?! At YOUR request, no less. So really, isn’t Caroline being turned into a vamp YOUR fault? Ugh. Just be eaten. At this point, I don’t care who does it. It just needs to happen. Maybe Tyler can do it to give him something interesting to do on screen.
Cin: Of course she remembered. But guess what? It doesn’t matter because she’s a fucking psycho bitch! Yes. DIE BONNIE!

Just One of the Reasons We ♥ Damon
Christina: I LOL’d a little when Damon called Katherine “a manipulative, nasty little slut.” Hahaha. You go, Glen Coco!
Cin: Our boy is beyond awesome – LOL. And Carol Lockwood askinjg him to be the interim head of The Council. How swanky. It seems all of Damon’s inroads into the inner workings of the town have paid off. One thing though: Did NONE of Sheriff Mom’s invisible & mindless band of deputies SEE Damon in the basement as they brought loads of vamps down there? I guess not. LOL
Christina: Haha, excellent point. I’m going to go with no. I don’t think they were really down there for long enough to notice while he was down there.
Cin: Come on Christina – Damon fucking Salvatore is kinda hard to miss. Men, woman, whoever – he’s one disarming guy.
Christina: This is true. But vervained on the floor, like everyone else… easier to miss. Plus, I don’t think these deputies have much brains.
Cin: They really shouldn’t even be called deputies. They are extras & about as useful.
Christina: Pretty much. Oh, but Damon being the interim head of the Council? How excited will Sheriff Mom be?!

Welcome to the Family, Caroline
Cin: We should talk about the ending. How amazing was the Stefan/Caroline scene in the bathroom? Seriously Paul Wesley, you keep being so awesome & well, I don’t know what. But I love it. I love this vibe of helping Caroline adjust & her being the Salvatore’s little vamp sister. It’s so on.
Christina: And Stefan cleaning the blood off her face. So nurturing! 🙂 Didn’t I tell you he’d do the raising? I really loved this scene, and how kind and understanding Stefan was being, especially in light of the fact that Damon wants to kill her. I still hope that Damon will warm to her, and he’ll be kickass big vamp brother too!
Cin: I’m thinking that once he realizes that Caroline is going to be able to control herself & is no Vicki and that they need all the help they can get with Kat in the picture, he’ll come around. He always does.

SBH Nightcap
Christina: Can we talk for a minute about the sudden pairing of Damon & Jeremy?
Cin: I’m still not really sure what to think about it. I liked that Jerm chickened out on the Damon slaying. Like he ACTUALLY had a chance anyway. *falls on floor* But doing it so emo was kinda weirdness. But I did like that Damon reached out to him emotionally about his father & stuff. I mean, I think Damon might ACTUALLY feel something for Jerm. Not sure when it started, but I’d guess it was somewhere around the time of all that with Vicki. I kinda like it. A friendship/understanding with Damon is one way to actually make me tolerate Jerm. *sigh*
Christina: It was the definitely the day that Jeremy asked Damon how he turns off the pain, and if it gets any easier as a vampire. That’s when Damon first explained about the flipping of the switch thing. Despite the fact that Damon would never admit to this, I think seeing Jeremy in pain, and considering WILLINGLY becoming a vampire touched something in Damon’s heart, his memory of being a human.
Cin: And the scene at the end with Caroline & Matty/Peeta = SO. MUCH. LOVE!!! He loves her. She loves him. She CONTROLLED herself. *sigh* Please never die VampCaroline. Never, ever. You are a-mazing. Maybe you can be Stefan’s new bff!
Christina: I would not be opposed to that! And just think of how enraged it will make Bonnie. Muahahaha! Yes, yes… Bonnie is alll alone now. Then again, lonely people do desperate things. I’m warning you, Bonnie.

So, what did you think about the episode? Are you as excited about Caroline as we are? Should Bonnie soon feel the wrath of… someone? How freaking adorable is Matt?! Leave your comments below!

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3 Responses to Reactions: Episode 2.02 “Brave New World”

  1. Michelle says:

    First off, why didn’t I know about this! I could have been typing reactions as the show aired! I just think this reaction thing works better with more than two, especially since y’all agree so much. Just saying. Anyway…

    Matt: Not a Matt fan. Like, at all. He’s been douchey to Caroline and I wouldn’t be sad if he died. I don’t even think he’s hot. There I said it.

    Caroline: Love, love, love Caroline. I don’t want her to die. But she’s doomed. Damon’s right; the odds of them being able to keep her vampirism a secret, especially from her mom, are practically nil. Plus the trailer for next week? I predict death by werewolf bit for poor Caroline. Which blows because I love her.

    Stefan: As usual…meh. As always I like Stefan best while he’s with his brother. Also loved him mentoring Caroline. I could totally be a Stefan/Caroline shipper. Lord knows the girl deserves better than Matt.

    Tyler and Mason: I’m just gonna say it: I love Tyler. I’m really interested in a werewolf storyline for the first time since…ever. I don’t like Mason though. Plus that dude is totally fugly. Don’t see the hotness there, people. Theory: That moonstone? It keeps a werewolf from transforming at the full moon. That’s why Mason is so desperate to find it. It’s how Mayor Douche kept his wolfiness a secret for so long. No moonstone means that Mason gotta chain himself up next week.

    Bonnie: DIE. NOW. WITH. LOTS. OF. PAIN. I hate her so much. Like Lana Lang/River Song levels of hate.

    Damon: As always all Damon moments are made of win. Leader of the Council, mentoring Jeremy, finding out what’s up with the Lockwoods. Love it all.

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      It might “work better” with more than just us two for some readers but it wasn’t working quite as well for us. As last week proved, if we want to get anything done at our jobs on Friday it’s not really feasible to have the whole clan come in a reaction post after every episode. So our reactions are in the post & all of yours can be in the comments on your time. That’s just how it has to be. The choice for us was no reaction post or just the two of us, so this is the choice we made. It doesn’t mean your opinions are unwelcomed or invalid, it’s just a question of time.

  2. Linda says:

    Still doing some catching up on Season 1, but I’m putting together all the pieces. Here’s a bit of my reaction to last night’s ep:

    Damon: When Elena told Stefan he couldn’t go after Damon for kissing “her” (Katherine really) because that’s what Katherine wanted and that Damon wasn’t stable when it came to her, I thought, what’s Damon going to do? Even as a newbie to the show, I knew he would do something, it was just a matter of what. Already rejected once, by Katherine earlier that night, he visits Elena. Not the smartest move there. I was actually kind of surprised he didn’t bite Jeremy, but still appalled when he snapped his neck. Then again, being rejected by two women who exactly the same, one of which he has been pining for 145 years….well I can empathize. The whole bonding thing with Jeremy later just adds to the complexity of the storyline, but I’m getting a bit tired of his whiny, fickle ass.

    Stefan: I am loving it when he gets all mad and mean! Definitely with Cin on that one.

    Bonnie: You’re a backstabbing bitch. Nuff said.

    Caroline: It adds an interesting twist to things. I like her better as a vamp already. Maybe she’ll meet an untimely end, maybe she won’t. I’m hoping she sticks around for a bit.

    I’m not very familiar with Tyler, but don’t care for him as a character, next on the list to Jeremy. I’m sure he has his importance within the main storyline, but eh, I can do without. Mason…jury still out with me.

    That’s all I got for now!

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