The Vampire Diaries: Season 2 Wishlist

As Cin and I, and all our contributors were discussing the imminent Season 2 premiere, we got on the topic of what we thought was going to happen during the next 22 episodes. After a while we realized something: we could talk about where we think the writers will take the show, but screw it, wouldn’t it just be more fun if we talked about where we want the writers to take the show? They may be unlikely; they may be outlandish, but dammit, a girl can dream!


  • Dear Stefan, human blood is good. It does wonders. I mean, just ask Damon. And you’re SO MUCH FUN WHEN YOU’RE ON IT! Please, please, please have a relapse. And I mean that in the nicest, non-condoning-of-drug-addiction way possible.
  • I want Damon to continue to be the tough guy, but with an emphasized soft and cushy interior. DON’T ACT LIKE THAT KISS WITH ELENA/KATHERINE DIDN’T AFFECT YOU! We all know it did. We saw it. I would really like for him to continue exploring his feelings – especially where Elena comes in. I know he’s all torn up about Katherine, but god, I love a GOOD love triangle.
  • I really, really hope that Jeremy becomes a vampire. Like, badly. I know there are others on this list who either want him to a) stay human, or b) die, but I’d love for him to be a blood-sucker. Because then at least he’d have an excuse for sucking the life out of this show. BAH-ZING! But seriously, he’s just too freaking depressing lately. At least with fangs, he could be eating unsuspecting MF residents instead of… whatever it is that he does.
  • Whether Jeremy turns into a vamp or not, I still really hope that the writers allow him at least one 5-minute interval of unabashed mouth-breathing. Just like… a prolonged shot of his gaping maw.
    Might as well write it in. It’s gonna happen anyway…
  • Even though it probably won’t happen, I’d just like Elena to get in one good come-to-your-senses face slap on Bonnie. Bitch needs to learn not to fuck with the Salvatores. There are consequences, gurl! Katherine, if you’d like to do this, that will also be acceptable.
  • Caroline. I wish for Caroline to don more scarves. She is the Scarf Queen of Mystic Falls. Seeing as she’s a dirty snitch who will tell anyone anything, I don’t really have much hope for her character. She is good with Matt though. So I guess it’s either have THE SEX or die, Caroline. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!
  • I want shirtless Alaric! YES! I’m sorry, but I’ve just always had a thing for teachers. Mmm, Mr. Saltzman…
  • AND GOD SAID, “LET THERE BE BROMANCE!” More Damon/Alaric bromance please. More forever and ever amen.


  • I want Damon to be a little happy. And when I say happy what I really mean is naked. Often. I know things are going to hit the fan with the Elena (but not really) kiss & is gonna make the triangle get all complicated AND THEN we have Kat comin’ in to make things even more super weird – but come on! As long as there’s nudity I’ll equate that with the happiness I want and crave for THE ULTIMATE SEXY BEAST!
  • Honestly, as much as I’m sure it won’t happen – probably the only way to make Jeremy relevant would be to make him a vamp. I mean, he’d get super dead pretty quick because even the other vamps wouldn’t be able to handle his emo AND I feel certain Steven McQueen couldn’t act badass if his pants were on fire (yeah, I said it!). BUT seeing as none of that is going to happen, I guess I just hope he gets sent to rehab and/or military school to A-get him out of the way & B-get him off of my TV.
  • Rumor has it that there will be a NEW female vamp on the show. Now, I don’t know about that but it got my wishlist all tingly. If any female on the show could go vamp I’d have to say Caroline. Why? Because imagine that bitch taking on Kathi! Caroline would be such a great vamp & with all of her founding family connections… Oh, the pot would be so sweet! Sure Bonnie would be all super-duper witchy-vamp, but I’m pretty sure Kat is already beat her to it & Bonnie doesn’t deserve to be any more badass. She deserves…
  • TO HAVE HER FACE BASHED IN!!! Bonnie needs to have her ass handed to her regularly & repeatedly. By Kat, by Damon, by pixies from the trees, by my f-ing boot heel! Doesn’t matter. You don’t threaten the Salvatore Bros Missy B and live to tell the tale. I mean, the cocky nerve of her! I actually liked Bonnie through most of last season, but grief aside she came back all ubercocky & even more stupid. She needs some schoolin’.
  • I want Alaric to stop messing with Jenna’s stupid face & find him a real woman! You know, who actually IS a woman and not a teenager in a woman’s body.
  • Damon/Alaric BROMANCE!!! Constantly. The Bromance is strong with these two.
  • Poor Matt. I mean, he wasn’t exactly awesome to Caroline last year but he deserves a storyline. No idea what could really make him relevant, but I’m willing to take just about anything.
  • Dear Stefan, do everyone a favor & go back on the juice. You were SO FANTASTICALLY AWESOME on the hard stuff, and as a connoisseur of sexy broody characters, well, I personally must appeal to the writers to give us some juicy Stefan bits & let Paul Wesley have a bit of Magically Delicious’ (Ian Somerhalders’ name in MY house) fun. Pretty please.
  • More Salvatore brotherly love. I HOPE & PRAY that they continue to heal their old wounds instead of letting Kat drive them apart. I mean, I don’t want Damon to change AT ALL & I like it when Stefan at least TRIES to smile but I lurrrrve it when the boys work together & trade barbs. As much as I know things will be awkward with the triangle/quadrangle – let’s not lose that spark.

[SBH Contributor]

  • Katherine finding herself on the wrong end of a very pointy stick – Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about Kat’s shenanigans, but she’s messing with my Damon. THIS IS NOT COOL WITH ME. Please die. Eventually. 😉
  • BROMANCE! – He, he. Damon and Alaric FTW!
  • Bonnie getting the asskicking she so richly deserves – I am beyond tired of her self-righteous bullshit. Bitch needs to get her ass handed to her. Come on, Kat, don’t let me down!
  • Fuckawesome werewolves – My hatred of werewolves is well known (unless their names are Remus Lupin or Daniel Osbourne!), but I have faith that TVD’s wolves are gonna be great. Lockwood family FTW!
  • Delena, Delena and more Delena! – Angst, adorableness, sexytimes, I don’t care really. Those two are SMOKIN’ and I’d like more of them on my screen. Pretty please, KW? I’ll settle for Kat and Damon in a pinch though! LOL

[SBH Contributor]

  • Naked Damon. Ok, ok. I realize this is totes PG13 tv, so I’ll settle for shirtless. Think of the money the CW would save on wardrobe if the Salvatore Bros. never had to wear a shirt!!! This is a recession, people!
  • Jeremy gets a prescription for Zoloft. Seriously, he’s a total Debbie Downer. Can the kid just smile for once?! I don’t care if he gets turned or stays human, whatever. We’ve all got problems, Jer! Put on your big girl panties and get over it!
  • Scarves. Need I say more? The townspeople of Mystic Falls obviously are all fangbangers so they need to hide their bite mar…..errrr, I mean keep their necks warm.
  • More awesome music. Seriously, the music last season was awesome, so hopefully they’ll keep that going.
  • DID I ALREADY SAY SALVATORE SEXY TIME? Cause seriously, I need it. Not them together, ew you sickos 🙂 I’m too excited for the Kat/Damon scene in the teaser.

[SBH Contributor]

  • I want, no I NEED more shirtless Stefan. Sure Damon shirtless is hotness, but I NEED more shirtless Stefan…. Ok fine! I want both brothers shirtless throughout the whole season!
  • I really, really hope Jeremy doesn’t turn into a vampire because clearly he would suck at being one. Since all he does is cry and whine about how terrible his life is. Maybe they could put him in a program or something for being such a girl all the time. Just sayin’
  • Um more sexy time. Pretty please with a cherry on top?
  • I would love some more angry Stefan and less brooding Stefan. He was SO HOT when he was obsessed with human blood *swoon*
  • More of the bromance would be fantastical. Alaric and Damon together are love. Plan and simple.
  • Werewolves, werewolves, werewolves! I hate them but excited to see how they are going to introduce them and how they’re going to look! *squee*
  • I want Katherine dead, but not too soon of course haha 😉
  • I want Jenna and Alaric to finally be together! Without all the drama (I know won’t happen. But its my wishlist! Haha) because I heart them and they are good for each other. For reals! =]

Well, there you have it. Mostly bitchslaps and (b)romance, natch.

So, we’re dying to know: What do you wish would happen in S2?

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10 Responses to The Vampire Diaries: Season 2 Wishlist

  1. Cat says:

    All I care about is Damon. Damon happy & Damon naked. And really writers, on what planet is Damon not wanted by the girl he desires? Vs. Stefan? I know this is fantasy but that’s pushing it.

  2. erica says:

    Word Cat. No woman….no man….no living thing on this planet would turn down Damon.

    And it seems we all agree, Bromance FTW!

  3. Colleen says:

    I’m in it for Damon and Alaric. I really could not care any less about anyone else on this show. Their Bromance is my favorite part. Also either one of them naked works for me.

  4. Ariesbunny says:

    AWESOME! LMFAO! 😀 This site rocks! u guys are too funny!

  5. Vanessa says:

    Well looking back alot of your wishes came true. 🙂

  6. Regina says:

    Much More Sexy Damon Time & IDK Why Yall Hate Bonnie So Much. Ok Sure She Wasn’t Always The Best Person But Still She Doesn’t Need To Get Punched In The Face Or Die Cause Then They Wouldn’t Have A Witch On Their Side. & Bonnie Is Very Important To The Show. You Don’t Have To Like It But She Is.

    • Oh, we know she’s important. She’s going to help save the world, and all that. There are a lot of things she’s done for them that, without her, they wouldn’t have accomplished. We’re not downplaying how important she is. We’re just saying chances are she’s going to die. And we’re just not particularly troubled by this news. *shrug*

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