Season 1 Episodes 1-7 Recap

Previously on The Vampire Diaries, Season One…

The first season came and went like a flash. Man, where did 22 episodes go? I’ll tell you where. TO CRAZY TOWN! Jeez, what started out so cutesy, so benign, has developed into something so intense and consuming and addictive. I mean, just rehashing what’s already happened has taken up much of our time here at SBH. Even with the summer break there was much debating, and speculating, and Damon- and Stefan-lusting. We’ve been busy! But with time, our memory of the early plots start to fade, causing us to “oh yeah! I remember that!” during our re-watches, so graciously sponsored by the CW (and my DVR!). So, with the Season 2 premiere mere weeks away, let us refresh your memory (or if you’re thinking about watching Season 2, but didn’t watch Season 1, which you should btw, this is what you’ve missed):

[Or if you just want a detailed recap of Episode 1.22 as an immediate refresher, check out this here link!]

As we pick up the story, sister and brother Elena and Jeremy Gilbert are trying to deal with the recent deaths of Mommy and Daddy Gilbert. A new school year has begun, and they’re just trying to make it through the day: Jeremy with drugs, and Elena with her Bestie Bonnie. But then… suddenly there in the hallway Elena spots the Hottest Hot Hottie Ever, one Mr. Stefan Salvatore. He’s acting kind of strangely, but she’s totally drawn to him, leaving exbf Matt, and sort-of-friend Caroline looking on curiously. Over in Junkieville, Matt’s sister and Jeremy’s druggie sometimes-girlpal, Vicki, is bitten by some sort of animal. Thus we learn that Stefan is a vampire! Gasp! But he only eats animals! WHAT?! That must mean… yes! There’s another vampire in town, baby! And it’s Stefan’s brother, Damon! DoubleGasp!

Our beloved town of Mystic Falls is preparing to celebrate the passing of a comet (because, let’s face it, this town needs a reason to celebrate like we need a reason to breathe). Meanwhile Vicki is recovering in the hospital. Stefan pays her a visit, and tries to use his vampy powers to erase her memory, but Matt interrupts him, and starts to suspect something is up. Over at the SBH (holla!), Elena meets Damon (who flies into the house in the form of a crow), and he attempts to charm her pants off. He also starts to reveal part of Stefan’s past, a mystery ex named Katherine. Naughty Damon, go to my room. Stefan kicks her out before he can get too far though. Also, Mr. Tanner tears Aunt Jenna a new one for being a horrible parental figure (which she is), which leads her to throw an apple at Jeremy for smoking dope and ditching 6 classes in 3 days (see?). Stefan and Elena get over their skirting each other issue, and get their smooch on. Meanwhile, Damon finds another victim: Caroline.

Bonnie tells Elena that she has a bad feeling about Stefan, so Elena decides to invite them to dinner so they can get over themselves to know each other. At school, Tyler, the Douchebag King of Mystic Falls, decides he’s going to put Stefan in his place for stealing his homeboy Matt’s (ex)girlfriend by throwing a football at his head. Instead of getting knocked unconscious, Stefan uses his vamp senses to catch the ball just in time, earning him a spot on the football team. I was never one for the jocks in school, but damn if Stefan doesn’t look yummy in that uniform. Ahem. Where was I? Oh, so Elena cooks them dinner, but Damon and Caroline crash it. Damon manages to get Elena to invite him in, so before their first big game Stefan gives his new girlfriend a necklace filled with vervain, a plant that inexplicably wards off the effects of the Vamp-eye which allows them to manipulate humans (not to be confused with crazy vamp eyes, which indicates attack-mode/sexy time). Also before the game, Elena witnesses Stefan’s hand healing remarkably fast. Now she thinks something’s up. Before going to suit up for the game, Stefan tries to convince Damon that he still has humanity in him. Damon, to prove that he doesn’t, attacks and kills Mr. Tanner. And we all cry. Bwahahaha. Just kidding. We’re glad that dick’s dead. Damon is craaaazy!

We see more of the Salvatores’ amazing healing abilities when the brothers get a little stabby during their daily battle of wits (Damon: “This is John Varvatos, dude. DICK move.” Ha!) Elena and Stefan attend Mystic Fall’s annual Founder’s Party, at the Mayor’s house, which also happens to be Tyler’s house because his dad is the mayor. Vicki wants Tyler (who is her official bf) to take her to the party, but he won’t because he doesn’t want his parents’ judgment (read: she’s a trashy whore). Damon tells Elena the “history” of the Salvatores in MF. Meanwhile, Stefan spikes Caroline’s drink with vervain, knowing that Damon is going to drink from her later, which he does, and it totes poisons him, and he collapses to the ground. But before he does that, he steals an amber crystal from the Founder’s relics display in the mansion. After he collapses, Caroline takes off with it. Stefan takes an incapacitated Damon and locks him in the basement of the SBH. We also learn that the adults in the town (The Mayor, his wife, the Sheriff, who is Caroline’s mom, and Logan Fell) make up something called The Founder’s Council, and are desperate to find the Gilbert pocket watch. They’ve also determined that there is a vampire in town. Again. WHAT?! I know!!

Down in our basement, Damon grows weaker and weaker from lack of food. Over at la Casa de Gilbert, Elena catches Vicki (who came over to fall into Jeremy’s arms after she stormed away from Tyler at the party) in the bathroom brushing her teeth. Caroline helps organize a fundraiser car wash, completely in denial over what she’s experienced with Damon. Meanwhile Elena meets a man who claims to have known Stefan (or at least a man who looks EXACTLY like him) in 1953. Elena continues to grow suspicious. In other Gilbert news, Vicki takes Jeremy to her “other party place,” the cemetery where he meets her other stoner friends who want to get crazy with Elena’s leftover pain pills. As for Bonnie, over the past four episodes, she has discovered she has weird freaky witchy powers. At the car wash, she discovers her ability to make cars spontaneously combust, and instead of being freaked by it, she decides to embrace it. Damon uses his blood-drinking connection with Caroline to get her to come to the SBH basement and help him escape. Once he does, he attacks Vicki. Again. Elena is inexplicably allowed free reign over Mystic Falls’ TV station’s archival footage (which looks suspiciously NOT from 1953) and seems to have no difficulty using keyboard shortcuts on the computer… Oh, television! She finds exactly what she’s looking for, sees Stefan in the tape, and after some consideration is finally able to put all the details together, realizing that Stefan is a vampire. Dun dun DUN!

Elena is having trouble coming to terms with her new realization, and drives over to the SBH in a huff. But first: FLASHBACK!! Well, hello there 1864 Stefan… RAWR. And Katherine, who looks exactly like Elena. Dun dun DUN! When Stefan opens the door for Elena, she demands to know what he is. He tells her and she’s all “Awesome! YOU ARE MY LIFE NOW!” Not really. Instead, logically terrified, she speeds away. Damon feeds on and burns Vicki’s druggie crew in the cemetery, but Stefan has his protective ring. Until he gets it back, Damon’s confined to the SBH with Vicki. Half-naked dancing may or may not be involved. Through some exchange of blood, Damon begins Vicki’s transformation. Stefan tells Elena everything, and takes her out to the site of the old Salvatore house in the middle of the woods. MORE FLASHBACKS! Aww, happy, innocent Damon. Katherine, however, is a selfish bitch, and turns both brothers. Stefan goes to look for Vicki who’s run away. With the help of the Gilbert pocket watch, Logan Fell tracks Stefan and Vicki in the woods, where he shoots Stefan with a wooden bullet. To save him, Damon attacks Logan, but the smell of the blood makes Vicki attack as well, completing her transformation. Elena agrees to keep this a secret, but wants to end her relationship with Stefan… Sadface 😦

Tyler finds Vicki, and she’s sooo hungry, and tries to bite him, but Stefan stops her. He tries to help Vicki learn to feed, but he’s unable to control her. In other MF news, looks like it’s time for the school’s annual Halloween Party/Haunted House (natch)! Bonnie tries to get witchy pointers from her Grams, and we find out Bonnie comes from a very long line of powerful witches. Caroline brings Bonnie her witch costume (also, natch), which includes the amber crystal that Damon stole from the Founder’s Party. Vicki wants to see Jeremy, but Elena stops her, and Vicki threatens her. The Salvatores are stuck babysitting her and Damon shows her a few vamp tricks like speed – which Vicki uses to escape. Elena shows up to the party dressed as a slutty nurse, and is trailed by Jeremy, who appears to be dressed as the Unabomber. Vicki’s there too, dressed as a vampire (triple-natch). She finds Jer and sneaks him off to make out with him, but the HUNGER starts to take over and she attacks him and his sister. To stop her, Stefan stakes her through the heart. He swears Elena to secrecy (again), and she asks him to take away an inconsolable Jeremy’s memory of the night. Stefan doesn’t know if he’s strong enough to do it, so Damon steps in to “take away his suffering.” Elena wants to forget too, but she can’t because then she’d forget how she feels about Stefan. Awww.

Well, there you have it, folks. That’s the first seven episodes in a nutshell. 7!! Crazy shit, eh? Check back soon for episodes 8-14. We get vampire bffs, a new history teacher, more witchy goodness, more flashbacks and a whole mess of other plot points coming up. Until then, hang around, take off your shoes, kick up your feet, and leave any comments in the little box below.

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  2. Ariesbunny says:

    Love these guys! Very cheeky & funny 🙂 Going to read thru them all even tho we’re already in season 2. Keep it up! 🙂

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