Episode 122 “Founder’s Day”

Greetings, everyone! Welcome to our latest project: RECAPS! We know the season is over, but it doesn’t mean that the episodes don’t bear re-airing and recapping, eh? Cin and I are just doing these for fun, to sort of get our recapping feet wet before next season begins, when we’re planning on really running with it. We figured we’d just start with the finale. From here, we’ll do our best to play catch-up. Hope you enjoy! – Christina Salvatore

Episode 122 “Founder’s Day”

Previously on Vampire Diaries: Stefan has to know Elena. Elena looks like Katherine; Isobel wants THE DEVICE, etc. Also, Bonnie’s back. Now with Flat Depression Hair to match her flat personality. More on that later…

After a season of teasing, the actual Founder’s Day is upon us! Let’s have a “getting dressed” montage! Wait. That costume is pretty authentic. Did we just start an episode with a flashback? Sweet.

“Ugh. This dress hurts.”

“Suck it in, baby.” Wait, what? Oh, it’s Aunt Jenna. Haha, show. You got me. Good one. Man, now I know never to fall for that again…

So since Elena is on the Founder’s Day/Homecoming Court, she gets to dress all fancy and stand on a float in the parade. As her escort, Stefan gets to dust off his old Sunday Best, too.

Oh, Stefan. You clean up so nice. Not that you’re ever sloppy… ahem. Where was I? Ah, yes. So, all dressed up.

Stefan makes it to Parade Central & is looking around for Elena. Unfortunately, Damon makes his appearance first. Stefan immediately becomes JealousStefan. He doesn’t think Damon should be there. And he especially doesn’t appreciate the relationship that Damon seems to have developed with Elena.

Damon’s all Pssshhh. Please.

Stefan is not amused. But we’ll forgive him that because he’s a sexy beast. Dear Stefan, I never noticed how awesome your sideburns were before…

But what’s with the muppet face? Or maybe he’s doing his best Puppet!Angel face?


Damon: You have no sense of humor, Stefan.
Stefan: Actually, I just have no sense of Damon-humor. So why don’t you just back the fuck up off of my bidness and leaves me and my woman alone.

But before Damon can retort, they both spot something tasty.

So who’s approaching them? Elena? Katherine? No! It’s little Bo Peep! With a bit of an evil smirk. *Chills*

Man, it really is a couple degrees cooler in this foreshadow.


So, Jeremy gets to participate in this Founder’s Day shindig too, by donning pre-dirtied clothing. Plus our #1 vamp girl Anna is over for a wee visit.

Anna’s been lonely now that MamaPearl’s done been killed by Uncle Creeper. Hey, Jer, didn’t you once desperately beg Anna to turn you into a vampire? Do it now, Anna begs. Let her turn you into a vampire and be with her forever & always!

Jer takes a moment to mouth-breathe.

Jer, it seems, is having second thoughts. He doesn’t know if he can do it anymore. Then Anna gets all that-little-kid-from-Big-Daddy. “P-p-p-please don’t do this to me!”

Anna begs him to consider it. She even reveals a helpful tip: if you die while you have vampire blood inside of you, you’ll turn into a vampire yourself. Good to know, Anna. With that, she bequeaths Jer a vial of her blood. He holds it in his hand, turning away from her to dramatically consider her offer.

Coming to his conclusion, he turns around. “I don’t think I can. Sorry.” But she’s gone!

Meanwhile, back at Era-Confusion Base Camp, Stefan decides that now, to ensure that she hears it from him as opposed to, say, a strategically timed story told by one Mr. Damon Salvatore, is the best time to tell Elena (in public, no less!) that Uncle Creeper is actually… dun dun DUN… her father! First she finds out that she was adopted, and isn’t really a Gilbert. But now she finds out she is… but she sprung from those loins. I’d be nauseated and in shock too.

In other pre-parade happenings, Caroline is having a conniption over the fact that Matt’s arm cast isn’t “period-appropriate” and will ruin her picture.

You know, while the giant yellow school bus backdrop won’t.

Parade Time!

First of all, I’d like to say, Holy Jesus! We know they have a bit of a vampire problem in Mystic Falls. And we’re pretty sure they may have a slight case of the Werewolves at some point. But somewhere, deep down in the bowels of Mystic Falls High, they are apparently breeding a super group of bionic-lunged marching band members. Because, what the fuck, that is the loudest 10-piece marching band in the history of the world.

But I digress. Where was I? Band Camp? You know, this one time… Nevermind—

Here come the parade floats!

There’s the Battle of Mystic Creek float, where Mr. Saltzman’s students are reenacting the town’s famous battle. Tyler and Jer are both there, dirty & entirely too chipper, but very, very pretty. Huh. When did they suddenly become so chummy?

Fact: Guns make boys happy.

Back on the Miss Mystic Falls float, the girls are all looking pretty, too.

Elena spots Bonnie out in the crowd, who despite her bitchery from the previous episode, smiles sweetly and waves back. Even with Stefan standing firmly at Elena’s elbow.

But then, someone else shows up. Just because it had been too long since Elena and/or Stefan was annoyed.

Elena’s all “I’m not gonna look at him…”

“I’m not gonna look at him…”

“Oh, fuck it.”

She and Damon connect eyes for a little longer than necessary, but just long enough for us to see Damon look at her with something that almost resembles affection, before he realizes that Bonnie is standing behind him.

Bonnie: What the fuck do you want?
Damon: I just wanted to thank you for what you did last night. It was dangerous, and I appreciate it, and all that jazz.

Bonnie: Oh, well, maybe Damon isn’t as big a dickhead as I previously thought.
Audience: Thank you! Finally someone sees what we’ve been seeing!

Meanwhile, in some nondescript office, Uncle Creeper is explaining to Mayor Lockwood how the vampire device works. In another nondescript building, the new leader of the Tomb Vamps holds a meeting. Tonight, at the fireworks, they’re going to attack the founding families and bring them down!

There’s even a presentation board with a pretty fancy drawing of the entire town square to map out their exact plan of attack.

Golly, those are some super organized civil war era vamps! (None of whom talk like Bill Compton BTW)

Question: Who introduced them to the magic of Sharpies? Did they locate an aerial view of Mystic Falls square via Google Earth? There sure is a lot of sunlight streaming through those poorly boarded up windows…

“Anna, what are you doing here?” Spurned by Jeremy, Anna’s decided to join forces with the other Tomb Vamps. She’s going to attack the founding families tonight too! Angsty vamps unite! Not really, but Anna moonlights (sunlights?) as a vampy infiltrator.

After the parade, many of the teenage residents have gathered at the Mystic Grill. I keep expecting a pizza-wielding Julie Roberts to show up, but maybe that’s just me. Elena comes in searching for her beau, but Damon greets her first. She looks good like this. The modern style suits her.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Nothing. It just means you look nice, Elena. Jeesh. There’s a bit more posturing and Damon’s trademark wit and eyebrow raise, but Elena is not amused. He asks if Stefan mentioned something to her about her and Damon’s relationship. A bit taken aback by the protective-boyfriend implication, she asks if he said anything to Damon. He denies it and turns on the charm, but she’s not interested. Damon, don’t make Elena reconsider your friendship. Before she can think too much on it, she spots Baby Brother Jeremy off brooding at a table alone.

Her latest attempt at apologizing for having his memory of the vampirization and subsequent murder of his kind-of-not-really, drug addict girlfriend erased fails. She wants to know what she can do to make amends. Baby bro stands up, and looks her dead in the eye. “You can go to hell, Elena.”


Elena looks sick for a moment, once again showing just how good of a face-actor Nina Dobrev is, before linking eyes with Damon again. Damon, having heard the entire interaction due to his superior good looks sense of hearing, gives chase.

Catching up to Jeremy, Damon lays in to him, perhaps a little more intensely than necessary.

Damon: I know, I know. Being a teenager is just so hard. But look into my eyes, bitch. Look into them!

Damon: Your sis was trying to help you out. She was trying to shield you from the pain.
Jer (somehow undeterred by the steely blue gaze): It wasn’t her choice to make.

He does have a point there, Damon. *GULP*

But before Damon can drain him of his emo-ness, or snap him in two, Stefan shows up to save the day.

He explains to Jeremy that Damon was the one who turned Vicki, but he was the one who killed her, to protect both Gilbert siblings. It wasn’t Elena’s fault, so lay off her. She’s his sister. Family is important.

Are you there, Pot? It’s me, Kettle.

Jeremy mouth-breathes a second before taking off.

Anywho, back at the Mystic Falls Police Department/Mayor’s Office/Wherever the hell they are, Caroline’s Mommy is NOT happy.

The Sheriff apparently doesn’t want Uncle Creeper to use the town to BRING OUT THEIR DEAD. UC smiles and requests the mayor leave the room so he can speak to the sheriff in private. And by “speak,” he clearly means punch in the face and handcuff to a pole. Like ya do. He’s going to use the town anyway, bitch.

Or maybe he’s just into bondage. *shrug*

Later that night, after the sun sets, and the time for fireworks draws near, Anna seeks out Damon.

Anna: You in dangah, gurl!

Damon: Exsqueeze me?

Anna: I said DANGAH! Now, listen to me. The Tomb Vamps, they’re coming tonight. They’re going to attack the founding families.
Damon: Uncle Creeper wants to use THE DEVICE on them, but it won’t work; it’s been deactivated.
Anna: Then a lot of people are gonna die, brotha. We have to get out of here.
Damon: I don’t get that reference. I was dead before they opened the hatch. How long before the Tomb Vamps get here?
Anna: They ALREADY ARE here, Damon.

Damon: Oh, snap…

Damon seeks out his boy Alaric and asks if he still has those vamp weapons in his car. “The square is crawling with Tomb Vampires. We might need a stake or two.”

DANGAH! Bromance Time!

Off screen, we hear Elena giggling as she walks through the crowd with Stefan. Damon hastily approaches, invading her space and grabbing her hand.

Elena: What are you doing?
Damon: Saving your life. 15 words or less: Tomb vamps are here. Founding families are the target. We’re out of here. Now.

Dangah ya’ll!!!

He briskly walks away, leaving Stefan and Elena a little shocked, but only for a moment or two. Elena springs to action, immediately concerned that her brother is out there somewhere. They head off to find him.

Back at the Mystic Grill, the Mayor confronts his son. He needs to leave now. As is typical Lockwood style, the Mayor gets a little too physical and Matt and Caroline step up for their ex-friend. But the Mayor repeats his request. No explanation.

Here, take his keys, take Matt and Caroline, he doesn’t care. Just get the eff out of dodge immediately. For once, Tyler listens to his father, and they leave.

On the other side of the pub/teen hangout, Anna finds Jeremy and pulls him, slightly bewildered at the prospect of, tee-hee, going into the ladies’ room, quickly behind her. They need to talk.

Outside in the square, the Mayor is giving his little Founding Families speech, dedicating the fireworks to their legacy.

The Tomb Vamps are watching. So is Uncle Creeper. He’s hidden away in dead brother Grayson Gilbert’s abandoned office and is on the ready to turn on THE DEVICE.

Ooh, pretty! Just as the fireworks start, the Mayor and his wife try to make a hasty exist, while the Tomb Vamps begin to slowly make their move.

Stefan is also pulling Elena away from the crowd, just as Damon confronts Uncle Creeper. Unbeknownst to him, Bonnie didn’t actually deactivate it, and after the exchange of a few words, UC turns on the device,

immediately incapacitating our heroes.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, thousands of invisible speakers start blaring Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” on a frequency only heard by vampires. Oh the agony!

A little further down the road, in the Mayor’s very nice car, Tyler’s not-quite-human brain is picking up the frequency too.

Tyler: What is that?!
Audience: We wish we knew, Tyler. We wish we knew.

The pain in his head is increasing and he begins to swerve the car.

Back in the square, the local authorities are injecting vervain into anyone they see writhing in pain on the ground so they can round them up and throw them into a basement of a nearby historic building, and burn it to the ground. Apparently this is also happening on a spectrum that humans can’t see, because nobody seems to freaking notice any of this is going on! I’m sorry, but fireworks aren’t THAT enchanting.

Alaric spots Stefan slumped over, and talks a cop into letting him take care of “this one.” He reaches Elena and Stefan and helps them scram and hide.

Back at the Grill, another cops on vervain duty busts in the ladies’ room, calls for back up, and holds Jer back as his buddy injects Anna with vervain and drags her off to the Basement of Final Death. *gulp*

It’s about this time that UC decides that his work here is done, so he disassembles THE DEVICE and moseys on down to the BoFD, where all the rounded-up vampers have been taken. They lay scattered around the floor, knocked ineffective by the vervain.

He spots Anna laying on the floor, while one of the deputies douses the joint with gasoline. Damon’s down there, and he turns just in time to see UC hovering over Anna, stake in his hand. Anna is grasping his ankle, pleading with her eyes and her pained moans to spare her the death he bestowed upon MamaPearl. “Please. No,” is all she manages to utter before he stakes her right in her vampy ticker.

“Dang- eh…”

Unfazed by the whole murdering thing, UC escapes up the steps, pouring the remainder of the gasoline as he goes. At the top he throws a match, and the basement is ablaze. Damon is only strong enough to move his head from side to side. Oh, Damon, noooo!

Meanwhile, Stefan seems to have recovered, and is explaining to Elena what the Cyrus virus felt like: “It was like needles were piercing my skull, and then it just stopped.” Truth.

Alaric runs down the stairs to report that it was the GILBERT DEVICE that done it. Elena refutes that, claiming that Bonnie deactivated it. Stefan disagrees. It’s completely possible since the device was supposed to bring down all vamps, including Damon, whom Bonnie currently hates. Realizing they don’t know where dear brother Damon is, they head out on another search and rescue.

Still handcuffed to the pole, the Sheriff is now awake, and found by a slightly frantic The Mayor’s Wife, who doesn’t understand why the deputies vervained and carried him away. There’s no time for answers now, though. No, that would be too satisfying for the audience. One has to wonder if the Sheriff even knows. DRAAAMMMAAAA.

Back in the BoFD, The Mayor’s awake but still suffering a Miley-headache and bleeding from the ears (another symptom). Damon calls out to him, and they exchange What-the-hell-are-you-doing-here’s. Damon nonchalantly discloses that he’s a vampire. “What’s your excuse?”

He points out that The Mayor wasn’t affected by the vervain, so he’s not a vamper. “What the hell are you?” he asks, slowly inching toward the man. “I’m a waitress,” The Mayor answers. Okay, not really. Instead he, in typical terrified, small-minded fashion, is slowly inching away… right into the lap of the Tomb Vamp leader, who nimbly snaps his neck. Way to go.

Of course, this amuses Damon because, well, he’s Damon Salvatore, BAMF.

Back at the scene of the car accident involving Tyler and Co., Caroline is refusing medical treatment, far more concerned about Tyler who is lying on the road, out cold. The paramedic pulls back his eyelid to check the reaction to the light, but Tyler’s eyes are all funky. They’re suddenly a glowing green/yellow with specks of fire, and instead of the pupil getting smaller in the light, it grows impossibly big.

Startled, the paramedic jumps back. Then suddenly Tyler gasps awake, while Caroline collapses on the road.


Back at the square, Stefan leads Elena toward the burning building. He can hear the vamps inside, screaming. They spot Uncle Creeper standing outside all smug and satisfied, and they approach, demanding to know where Damon is. UC confirms he’s inside with the others. “It’s over for Damon.”

Elena: You’re crazy.
UC: Why? Because I’m doing what should have been dong 145 years ago? This is the right thing, Elena.
Elena: You wouldn’t know the right thing if it was chewing on your dick.
Audience: BURN!!!

Stefan runs toward the building, with Elena following, but UC catches her by the arm.

He threatens to rat Stefan out and label her a vamp-lover if she makes a move. Elena begs him not to, but he doesn’t care. Her plea means nothing to him.

Elena: As my father, it should.

UC is momentarily taken aback. She knows? “I wasn’t sure. Now, I am,” she says, but UC doesn’t have the balls to say anything else, so she scampers away after Stefan.

Just as Stefan is about to go in the building, Bonnie stops him, having suddenly grown at least half a conscience, I guess. “You can’t go in there,” she yells. “The fire will take you out.” “He’s my brother, Bonnie,” Stefan replies, and dashes in the building. Her face gives me the impression that she was only trying to save him and could give a rat’s ass about Damon. Yep, half a conscience.

Elena tries to run after him, but Bonnie grabs her wrist and starts speaking in tongues. She’s doing another magic spell. Her magic words summon a magic wind that whips through her magic hair, which is suddenly not flat and volumeless anymore – not unlike her soul.

Her magic works (again!), and seems to weaken the flames enough for Stefan to run down the stairs, grab Damon around the waist and VampireZoom him back outside. Her job done, the flames go back up, trapping the one remaining living vamp down there – the leader of the Tomb Vamps. He gets all Phil Hartman Frankenstein and is swallowed by the flames.

Some time later, the fire is being put out, and Elena and Stefan are back in the Mystic Grill. Damon’s disappeared, but that pretty much figures, what with Damon’s not liking to feel feelings and owing his life to his brother. Elena and Stefan hug very sweetly, and she coos a loving “I’m so glad you’re safe” into his ear.

Stefan: I try so hard to hate him. I guess it’s just pointless.
Audience: Tell me about it!
Elena: You care about him. So do I…

Stefan looks down like a lost, hurt, little insecure boy, so Elena quickly adds, “But I love you, Stefan. And I know that you’re worried about that.” But he knows his brother – but she loves you! – but he knows the trouble that he can cause – but she loves you, Stefan. God! If she has to convince you this hard… I think Damon will be a problem. Man up, Stefan!

The unconvincing convincing done, Elena announces that she’s going to pick up her parade clothes from school and head home to check on Jer. And despite the presence of dozens of homicidal maniacs in Mystic Falls this fine night, Stefan is the anti-Edward Cullen once again and just watches his girl head out into the dark, cold night, alone but independent.

Back at La Casa de Gilbert, Jer is contemplating the vial of blood Anna gave him earlier. Turning toward the bathroom, he’s startled by Damon.

“Anna’s dead,” he tells Jer. But he’d figured that already. Damon explains that he saw her killed, and all he could think was that he wanted to help her, but he couldn’t. Uh-oh, I think Damon has a good side… and I’m not entirely positive he likes it…

Damon offers to take way his memory again, but Jeremy’s not so sure he wants him to. It won’t make it go away. He’ll still feel empty and alone. “It won’t fix what’s really wrong.”

Definitely not liking feeling these feelings, Damon turns to leave, but Jeremy stops him.

Jeremy: Anna said that vampires don’t have to feel pain. They can turn it off if they shut out their humanity.

Damon affirms this. Jer wants to know if life is easier that way.

Damon: Life sucks either way, Jeremy. At least when you’re a vampire you don’t have to feel bad about it if you don’t want to.
Jer: Is that what you did?
Damon: I did it for a very long time. And life was a lot easier.

Oh, Jeremy, noooo… Dearest Damon, you’re a sexy beast and I love you, but you really should look into other fields besides motivational speaking.

Back at the town hospital, Tyler apologizes to Matt for the accident. Matt, God love ‘im, tells him it’s okay. Caroline’s going to be okay. His eyes are glassy with tears, and I just want to hug him.

While I’m busy trying to figure out how to reach through my television to give Matt a big ol’ hug, The Sheriff/Caroline’s Mom comes out to report on her condition. There was internal bleeding, and she’s going into surgery. The doctors are going to do everything they can. Matt looks like he’s going to release those tears, and the Sheriff turns her attention on Tyler. He needs to call his mom. “It’s your dad…”

Back at the Gilbert house, Jeremy’s life continues to fall apart, and he’s decided to take Damon’s inadvertent advice. Downing the vial of Anna’s blood, Jer begins digging under the sink, pulling out the giant prescription bottle of his sister’s pain meds (the same ones he tried to use to be cool with Vicki’s gang back in, like, the first couple of episodes).

Nice job, CW. Show the kids what’s effective.

Jeremy dramatically pours the contents of the bottle onto the counter, fills a water glass, picks up a pill, and heart-wrenchingly contemplates himself in the mirror.

Outside the Grill, Bonnie accosts Stefan. Elena is her best friend, and the fact that she loves him was the only reason she saved him and his brother. But she wants him to know that things have to change around here. Bonnie, it seems, has taken it upon herself to become the new protector of Mystic Falls. And if Damon so much as spills one drop of innocent blood, she will take him down. “Even if I have to take you with him.”

There’s the crazy bitch we’ve come to… know. Seriously, this new Bonnie is frightening. Both she and Stefan hope it doesn’t come to that. With one last final “try me” glare, she walks away, leaving Stefan a little shell-shocked.


Back outside the Gilbert homestead, Elena is carrying her parade clothes inside just as Damon is leaving. The thin guard he had up in Jeremy’s room seems to come down in a disarming, I-may-smell-trouble-for-Elena-and-Stefan-in-the-near-future kind of way.

Elena: What are you doing here?
Damon: A failed and feeble attempt at doing the right thing.

She wants to know what it was, but he brushes it off.

Damon: You know, I came to this town, wanting to destroy it, and tonight I found myself wanting to protect it? How does that happen?

He explains that he doesn’t “do” good – it’s not in him. Elena suggests that maybe it is, but he says no – that’s reserved for his brother… and her, and Bonnie, who he realizes only saved him as a favor to her.

“Which means,” Damon says, stepping closer, invading more of her personal space, “that somewhere along the way, you decided that I was worth saving. And I wanted to thank you for that.”

Elena seems a little surprised, and when Damon leans back, he drinks her in (figuratively, of course), and decides to thank her a little more. He leans in for the kiss.

And the tension is so thick it’s oozing out of my television screen.

And that’s how it’s done, folks.
(Psst. Hey, Stefan. There’s room for you in my inn…)

And it’s at this moment that horrible caretaker Aunt Jenna decides to swing the door open and stare disapprovingly at the two and orders Elena inside.

Audience: DIE JENNA! DIE NOW!!!

Elena and Damon stand awkwardly for a second, like two kids caught… well, making out on the porch.

Elena is NOT amused

Audience: NEITHER ARE WE!!!

Elena grabs her crap and goes inside. Aunt Jenna, apparently aghast at the possibility that her teenage ward could possibly be kissing a boy who’s not her boyfriend on the porch, would do well to remember the day she practically threw herself (albeit coyly) at both Logan Fell and Alaric Saltzman. Nice parenting by example, Jenna.

Anyway, maybe it’s just these screen caps, but Damon seems a little startled by the encounter as well…


Inside, Jeremy has finally finished downing the pills scattered on his bathroom counter, and goes to lay himself and his bulging bicep on the bed to await the slow death.


Downstairs, Uncle Creeper has for some reason decided that it’s okay for him to be in the house even though he tried to kill his niece/daughter’s boyfriend and his brother. Elena sneaks up on him in the kitchen, and he begins the tale of why he hates vampires (it has to do with out-of-his-league Isobel’s obsession and eventual turning).

Elena thanks him and even agrees to let him help her put away the very sharp butcher knives but then SHE CUTS OFF HIS FINGERS INSTEAD!


“Hello, John. Good-bye, John,” she says calmly as she stabs him in the breadbasket.


Outside the REAL Elena has arrived, on the phone with Stefan, a bit miffed that someone had stolen her 1864-period gown and everything.

She’s just going to check in on Jeremy, then she’s going to meet him at the hospital to check in on Caroline. She’s doing a lot of taking care of others when what she really needs to be doing is taking care of herself.

Get out of there, girl!



Aaand breathe. Whew! Got questions? Comments? You know what to do…

(All screencaps courtesy of hotn-caps.com)

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7 Responses to Episode 122 “Founder’s Day”

  1. 37ft says:

    So, just like when I watch the show, I ff’d right to the Damon parts…but they were fantastic. Well done ladies.

  2. Krista says:

    Excellent job!!!! Loved Stephen’s muppet face comparison especially … it made me giggle. 🙂

  3. Michelle says:

    OMG! It’s puppet Angel! I love puppet Angel. This would be made of win for that image alone. But the rest was fan-freakin’-tastic. Terrific job, ladies!

  4. Pingback: Season 1 Episodes 1-7 Recap | The Salvatore Boarding House

  5. pucklady says:


    And bonus points for noticing that that float was totally weird. Bonus points LOST for not understanding what it was all about! Your screen cap was a second or two early. In the next blip, Tyler SHOOTS Jeremy! Excuse me? Jeremy isn’t going to become a vampire. He’s going to become a WEREWOLF, bitten by Tyler! D’uh.

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